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Lots to do
Coordinate the library 2 elements into asouq neighborhoods; perhaps even library 1 parts. Just get started with some asouq massing models.

Combine pantheon novel chapter with mesh bubble neighborhoods; make it the size of IQ but overlay a new 1x2 grid.

Use /36 for labyrinth and just include the 2012-14 notes.

Use /37-/39 for "in the Zeitgeist everything will be the future."

Add Tempietto to the cad collection.

Go through the key buildings data and cull out all the data that needs minimal work for placement into the collection; put all the raw data into one data base.

Can all of the museum collection be placed in situ throughout IQ/nntc and everything in-between and including the Appian Way? Perhaps such a "database" will be the base for a "museum collecting" /directory.

Start atypical-appositions-atemporal...

/36 labyrinth
The Picasso Cubist ICM will be the labyrinth, maybe placed horizontal and the center may be 8415. I don't know what the center of the collage is exactly, so perhaps 8415 will align with the garden of satire. Anyway, IQ will be incorporated via matching ICM fragments with the respective IQ/Philadelphia superimposition. I suppose the "story" will be "journey" through the labyrinth, through the labyrinth of a museum of architecture. I'm feeling sort of intriqued by the multiple plan/model overlay possibilities; it's like creating the plans will at the same time create the journey, and then the finished record drawings will be (the) memory of the journey.

started labyrinth @ q3551
Started piecing together the Cubist ICM on a web page--this is not the first page of labyrinth, but it is the beginning of its documentation. I like the story behind the creation of cubist ICM and how it demonstrates what a real banquet of nausea looks like, and how, by contrast, the original ICM looks like an entirely different entity.

placing Pantheon Paradigm adjacent NNTC
While coordinating the new NNTC pages yesterday, I saw the opportunity to connect the Amnis District to the Parkway section of NNTC, but it really doesn't fit entirely--it would have to infringe upon Karastan and thus ruin the initial city plan diagram. I guess I liked the idea of giving Parkway/NNTC some more meaning/Raison d'etre, but right now I'm not convinced it's worth the effort. There was also the idea of attaching Phila/dtm Apraksin in register with Parkway NNTC, and seeing where it faalls relative to District Q. Again, right now I'm not convinced it's worth the extra effort.

changing history
A couple of days ago it occurred to me that "changing history" is the title of the 'book' I'm going to write on the Ichnographia Campus Martius. Right now I don't even recall how the idea occurred to me. I might have been washing dishes and thought of the archinect post from 2005 where I wrote about how the discovery that there are two Ichnographia was an act of changing history.
I'm imagining writing the whole thing like Deboy's Lequeu--a series of chapters that are informative as much as they are enigmatic (and biting). I could do it because there are quite a number of characters and topics (including Helena, Eutropia and Constantine) and discoveries (unique to me). I might as well just make a list now: Kahn, Scully, Tafuri. Eisenman, Bloomer, Allen, Fasolo, Nolli, Lauf, Wilton-Ely, 2 Ichnographias, eros et thanatos, equirria, porticus Neroniani/ St. Peter's, porticus Neroniani/compass, Bufalini, inverse triumphal way, Kwinter and Aurelia, the full picture with the other maps, axes of love and war, garden of satire, porticii as streets, altar of Mars/St. Agnes, "changing history: a reenactment"?, labyrinth/puzzle.




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