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2008.09.01 10:00
Iconography, or the problem of representation
For example, if I were commissioned to design content for some real (generic) building whose 'skin' was an electronic screen, I'd propose a vast series of 'webpages' that act as a museum of architecture, thereby making the building, at least on the surface, a 'virtual museum of architecture.' I wouldn't necessarily be advertising Quondam, rather I'd be cloaking real generic architecture with many architectures. It wouldn't really matter what goes on inside the building because that will probably change from year to year, and the 'bulk' of the building's real architecture will be literally superficial and ironically really virtual.
I could go on and on, like pondering what kind of content I would propose for a hospital that had screen facades, or electronic/iconographic houses that change decorations by seasons or holidays, or even imagining the imaging of a house of ill-repute.

2008.08.31 11:03
Can you say canonical?
"Take a look at Le Corbusier's Palais des Congres a Strasbourg (1964), and then look at OMA's Hotel at Agadir, the Library at Jussieu, the Educatorium, and then MVRDV's VPRO--a trail of design reenactments."
2004.09.23 12:14
cf. 2008.06.30 12:58 here

2008.08.31 10:44
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
"busy busy, busy scissors"

new designs for The Old School of Thinking

2008.08.30 23:06
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
Amidst the sporatic droolings of the high mid-summer's night cloud...
No, shift it, then park it.
But you didn't pay me yet. Cough it up!
Lunch in Milano?
No, a lunch of Milanos.
Discriminating palatte.
He defines animality as immediacy or immanence. To explain what he means, he uses as a starting point the scenario of one animal eating another.
Animal crackers?
No, Sociables!
But Mulhall argues that this immediacy and spontaneity could never amount to late night light snack, so he digs into the topic of animality in Heidegger.
The imported beer.
No, the Bataille.
Yes, he suggests that for the animal nothing is given through time.
Herr Katzenjammer wo bist du?
Sexy Dubai. [This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service.]
Are we there yet? I'm hungry.

2008.08.30 10:23
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
fku2, judging by your outrage, you sound envious, perhaps upset by the exposition of your own limitations, or maybe covetous of my deterritorialization(s).
"As both the hiding of a secret and the hiding of that hiding, the crypt cannot simply take its place in the topography it preserves. The traditional demarcations between inside and outside, the closure established by the drawing of a line, the division of a space by a wall, is disturbed by the internal fracturing of the walls by the crypt. The crypt organizes the space in which it can never simply be placed, sustaining the very topography it fractures. However, these fractures are not new. They have been present in the topography ever since the original traumatic scene, organizing the self and making the illusion that the scene never occurred possible. The fantasy of incorporation maintains a crypt that was already secreted within a pocket in the topography"
--the other person in the car while I was being driven back to my hotel after dinner at the Zenghelis/Gigantes residence.

The virtual has been an obsession in thought since at least Plato's Ideals.
Anyway, there are more trails throughout the deterritory.

2008.08.29 16:29
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
Also, Hejduk's oeuvre manifests an example of virtual criticism and virtual history.

2008.08.29 16:16
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
in print
Arthur, I really like your last line better, thus:
think of criticism, history, etc.. .all just design tools like Maya, clay, etc...
Keeping the criticism and the history in play keeps them virtual.

2008.08.29 08:04
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
"Tafuri opposes the notion of operative criticism with that of historical criticism: in his view, criticism and history are identical--in other words, architectural criticism should always be historical criticism; what is more, there is a hiatus between architectural criticism on the one hand and architectural practice on the other. Architectural criticism (architectural criticism, that is) cannot be expected to offer any ready-made solutions for the problems that occur in the practice of the profession. All that history and criticism can do is clarify the context--in the broadest sense of the word--within which architectural production is carried out; they cannot provide any guidelines for its future development."
--the person who drove me back to my hotel after dinner at the Zenghelis/Gigantes residence.
Context used to be more real and is now more virtual.
Transparency used to be more virtual and is now more real.
I find that virtual criticism and virtual history are forward looking and trailblazing.

2008.08.28 11:14
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?
I guess I shouldn't be so hard on an architecture fan club. I myself am on stand-by for the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club.
The surprise for Otto if he organized the Ottofest in Budapest was that Gehry would design a new Guggenheim branch at Lynnewood Hall. Two years and two months later the Philadelphia Museum of Art announced the selection of architect Frank O. Gehry for a major expansion of galleries and public spaces...
"And don't forget "Creating One's Own Virtual Museum of Architecture" will be presented by Richard Krautheimer and Philip Johnson on 7 July 2005 within the enormous subterranean arched vaults of the Philadelphia Museum of Art."
...the very space that Gehry is designing.
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?

2008.08.27 14:58
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?
Sunsweet Interlude
27 August:
1965 death of Le Corbusier
1978 death of Gordon Matta-Clark
2005 "The Promenade Architecturale Formula" by Le Corbusier
2005 "Learning from Lacunae" by Gordon Mata-Clark

2008.08.27 09:07
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?
...for a start, I'm an architect that has gone beyond providing an aesthetic for my critical position.
[That's all I have time for now, as I have an engagement with dirt, "river pebbles", rocks and "weed blocker" out in the garden. I'll be back for more later. Did we get residual spray for East Nile Virus last night, I wonder?]

2008.08.26 20:17
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?
It's not a throwing out of the critical position, it's looking at the manifestations of the critical position and finding not much more than an aesthetic.

2008.08.26 16:50
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?
But is what Woods produces really anything more than an aesthetic?

2008.08.26 15:40
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?
I don't buy the notion of Woods cultivating a self-critical vision for architecture because the real result/influence of his work is an aesthetic (pioneered more by Morphosis and Cooper Union of the early 1980s, Mad Max and Blade Runner) that does not necessarily reflect the nature of our time. Moreover, I don't buy the notion that a self-critical vision for architecture cannot or does not occur while designing and/or building buildings.

2008.08.26 12:46
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?
The reality is though, that even in flush times a lot of 'speculative' architecture is designed, meaning all the projects that never get built or go beyond schematics.
If the virtual architecture of Woods is some kind of a gauge, then all forms of real and virtual architecture should be considered in the overall picture.

2008.08.26 12:41
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?
Perhaps cities are just becoming more and more incoherent.

2008.08.26 12:11
"wildly influential" or really only virtually influential?
"Or were they part of the same movement that was influenced by something else?"
Seeing the images made me also think of Morphosis, more especially early Morphosis.
What are the dates of the Woods drawings?




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