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2008.03.12 11:39
The Discreet HARM of The Bourgeoisie...
I like the only video game I've ever played in my life, and thus am well acquinted with the little icons BIG uses to brand each of their designs. In further curating at Quondam, I today happened to past through Morphosis Exhibit Redux again, and was immediately "shocked" by how the image shapes now remind me of BIG icons. A whole new set of building designs began flashing through my imagination.

2008.03.10 16:40
The Discreet HARM of The Bourgeosie...
"It would be more appropriate for us architects to shock the senses first - worry about style later."
Ah yes,

the Horse Radish House.

2008.03.10 15:41
Who thinks Koolhaas is sexy?
that's better

2008.03.10 14:03
The Discreet HARM of The Bourgeosie...
See what happens when you shock the bourgeosie.
Hey, could you reenact that?

2008.03.09 16:54
The Discreet HARM of The Bourgeosie...

"Holy shit, a gallon of gasoline is almost as expensive as a gallon of coffee! Better call my architect to fix this."

2008.03.09 16:34
The Discreet HARM of The Bourgeosie...
Virtually all architects are highly proficient at generating sticker-shock architecture.

2008.03.09 16:26
The Discreet HARM of The Bourgeosie...
No, seriously, a struggle results in feeling tired, where as, something spontaneous and quick, wakes you up.
For example, archinect/forum is definitely struggling.

2008.03.09 15:49
The Discreet HARM of The Bourgeosie...
struggle = yawn, then snooze
easy = shock

2008.03.09 15:23
The Discreet HARM of The Bourgeosie...
Shock the architects themselves; that's where the real creative fun is. An over-flowing fount of inspirations, even.

2008.03.06 16:00
In 2001, the finished Ichnographia Campus Martius will be 240 years old, yet Piranesi's truly unique urban paradigm--a city “reenacting” itself through all its physical, sociopolitical, and even metaphysical layers--may well become the most real urban paradigm of the next millennium.

2008.03.05 12:22
Archinect's The Plagiarius Awards Gallery
here a quack, there a quack

everywhere a reenactionary quack quack
Will the metaphor ever be shed?

2008.02.17 11:19
Replication in architecture
...the whole notion of reenactment itself, and how it differs from simulacra and plain mimesis. The key factor is the "acting" out again of a prior event or situation, which is different from just copying.
Las Vegas is nothing less than an enormous hydroelectric reenactment of an oasis (complete with caravans, watering holes, and even a pyramid), and thus it is not at all unusual that the whole notion of reenactment is now Las Vegas' predominant theme.
excerpt from "The Speeches" in A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit: Part III, p. 206.

2008.02.10 18:24
Archinect's The Plagiarius Awards Gallery
...once you're in the Loop-Hole Universe you find there's room for just about anything, so infringement doesn't even exist.

2008.02.10 18:01
Archinect's The Plagiarius Awards Gallery
Hey twist 1 and twist 2, welcome to the neighborhood!

2008.02.10 17:51
Archinect's The Plagiarius Awards Gallery
See, I told you Architecture of the Loop-Hole Universe comes after infringement complex

(with acknowledgement, of course).
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