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2008.04.26 20:51
the state of drawing in education
At least I didn't have to pull my hair out as well.

2008.04.26 17:52
the state of drawing in education
I've been using CAD to draw architecture for 25 years now, and it hasn't been data input, rather data generation. Architectural drawing with a pencil or pen also amounts to data generation. The greatest advantage of CAD drawing over 'hand' drawing is the fluidity of CAD architectural drawing data.
I haven't printed any drawing of mine in years, yet almost all my drawings are viewable virtually anywhere on the planet, and maybe even in outer space.
In the midst of all this, I now see 'drawing' as a mental state just slightly prior to the data state. Perhaps, then, the mental state of drawing is also at an advantage when fluid.

2008.04.26 17:30
the state of drawing in education
Where do you get your ideas?
$1 million drafting table
1999.08.23 18:59
Here's my idea for the drafting table I'd most like to have. (Bear in mind that I've been working and drawing on a screen for over fifteen years, but I still have my original drafting table in the basement complete with its original parallel rule.)
Instead of a regular tabletop with adjustable tilt, the entire "drawing" surface (36"x48") would be an interactive (flat) screen/monitor also with adjustable tilt. The interface on the screen could be similar to what we're used to now except the keyboard would be a (moveable) element within the interface screen (like a window), and instead of a mouse/cursor those controls would be within something attached to the hands (both of them) like gloves. For one thing, the hand(s) using such a table/screen would be even more intimate with the drawing than it is when presently using a pencil or pen. Moreover, aren't two hands better than one?
Whether it's admitted or not, we already know that most of the people living a hundred years from will look back at the technology of our time and immediately think, "How primitive."

2008.04.26 14:52
the state of drawing in education
I utilize blah-blah-blah. It's this great CAD software I invented where one draws via talking to the computer. It even lets you talk in mixed-up languages!

Hey Media Lab, quick steal this idea before someone else does.




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