[architectural] pliancy, apt

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2008.09.04 23:44
MVRDV masterplan in Tirana

design development like 8 years ago

"Hey, you're blocking my view!"

2008.09.03 08:34
film-a-rchitecture - thesis
screen test

cult status

May-I-have-the-envelop-please Architecture

2008.09:02 07:25
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
Palais des Abuse Ridiculous
Cut & Paste Museum

ichnographia non-virtual non-context
3 black holes in the Michelin Misguide
atemporarily under deconstruction

virtue2vicegrip machine4living
you say: theory is only a textually generated infill (because the domineering cultures of this planet are text-based) in the gap between shelter and architecture.
I say: kaleidoscopic lacunae




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