[architectural] pliancy, apt

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2008.04.27 12:00
the state of drawing in education
humans as analog
...there is abundant room for messiness and experimentation and discovery within CAD.

2008.04.27 11:23
the state of drawing in education
I can still remember the first time I went "to do some CAD for fun in my spare time." It was Labor Day, 1983. By this time I had been employed as a CAD architect for just about four months. I mostly did contract documents, but I was also allowed to teach myself 3D modeling for like an hour a day. Outside of work, one of my interests then was the architecture of K.F. Schinkel. At the time it still wasn't clear to me how the staircase behind the columns of the Altes Museum worked, so I went to the office on Labor Day and started a model of the Altes Museum staircase.
Since June 1987 I've had my own CAD system at home, and in the last 21 years I have often done some CAD for fun in my spare time.
As far as the state of drawing in education, the main issue remains dexterity. Of course, if drawing by talking becomes a reality, then the main issue will be the gift of gab.

"Sorry, but I can't talk with you right now. I'm busy drawing the plans of my new house on the other line."

2008.04.26 21:13
the state of drawing in education
taffy-pull architecture?

for Madison Grace taffy-pull architecture?

Earlier this afternoon I was wondering if this discussion could be better conducted via drawings rather than words.




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