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2008.05.30 09:17
Can you say canonical?
"In the Casa del Girasole itself, materiality replaces abstraction. The materials do not stand for anything; they are. At the same time, there is no dominant material system that suggests a preference for one material over another. Neither is there a color palette that makes any kind of structural or formal sense; the colors merely exist. This is a form of neorealism in architecture"
Peter Eisenman, "Critical Analysis: Luigi Moretti" in Peter Eisenman: Feints, (2006), p. 67.
But the real point will be:
Luigi Moretti, "The Value of Profiles", 1951.
Luigi Moretti, "Structures and Sequence of Spaces", 1952.
both reprinted in Oppositions 4, (1975).
I'm beginning to smell a bit of a 1970s reenactment...
"I remember Rosiland Krauss telling me "You with your surrealist shit", when she heard the word [delirious] in the seventies. It seemed the most efficient terminology to introduce at the time, even though the time was definitely hostile to it."
Rem Koolhaas (2006).
I think I'm telepathic because I often hear "You with your reenactment shit".
"Luigi Moretti's apartments on the Via Parioli in Rome: are they one building with a split or two buildings joined?"
Robert Venturi, "Ambiguity" in Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture. (1966).
The Church of Peter and Latter-Day Canonicals: is that multiple buildings joined or one building splintered?

2008.05.29 10:42
Can you say canonical?
'Canonical' is a tricky adjective itself. One definition of canon is 'a list of saints' as in a list of those individual deemed to be safely in heaven. In a (typical?) way, Eisenman is trying to be the establisher of an architectural canon.
Luckily, Peter was the first Pope, and no subsequent pope has ever taken the name of Peter.
Is 'canonical diversity' an oxymoron?

2008.05.29 09:59
Can you say canonical?
Schindler died 1953.
For a very thorough Eisenman analysis of Stirling's Leicester Engineering see "Real and English" in Oppositions 4 (perhaps also in the Oppositions Reader).

2008.05.29 09:27
Can you say canonical?
"...you might like to know that Ten Canonical Buildings: 1950-2000 will be released on June 24, 2008.
Peter Eisenman, renowned for his own controversial and influential body of work, looks at ten leading architects of the twentieth century and their theoretical positions, technological innovations, and design contributions. Eisenman identifies a project within the oeuvre of each of these architects—Luigi Moretti, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, Robert Venturi, James Stirling, Aldo Rossi, Rem Koolhaas, Daniel Libeskind, and Frank Gehry—that has profoundly affected architectural discourse and practice. With drawings, diagrams, and always-incisive text, he presents each architect's theoretical position, and then offers detailed critical analysis of the project."
Any guess what the 10 buildings might be? Your own picks?
Moretti: Casa del Girasole (Eisenman)
Mies: Seagrams (Eisenman)
Le Corbusier: Palais des Congrès (me)
Le Corbusier: Olivetti Center Milan (me)
Kahn: Dominican Sisters Convent (me)
Venturi & Rauch: Franklin Court (me)
Stirling: Leicester Engineering (Eisenman, "Real and English")
Stirling: Nordrhein/Westfalen Museum (me)
Stirling: Wallraf-Richartz Museum (me)
Rossi: Modena Cemetery (Eisenman)
Koolhaas: Patent Office (me)
Libeskind: who cares (me)
Gehry: Wagner Residence and other residences of that era (me, just to be a bit obscure)

2008.05.27 12:02
The Official Paradigm Shift thread
futureboy wrote:
"in the future, architects will truly be the developer of pre-fabricated coordination systems that link together the manufactured elements created by a variety of other corporations. we will be the developer of the assembly systems much like car companies are today..... btw, was reading the Log edited by Rob Somol and Sarah Whiting yesterday. there is quite a bit in it that touches on these exact conversations of paradigm shift that we've been having. I almost forgot about this grand collection of post-critical writing."
Shock Me, I'm Bourgeois replies:
Interesting, but what you just describe is exactly what Toll Brothers has already been doing for over a generation now.

2008.05.20 18:44
The Official Paradigm Shift thread
from wiki:
The first issue of the journal Internationale Situationniste defined situationist as: "having to do with the theory or practical activity of constructing situations. One who engages in the construction of situations.
Is this very thread, and all the threads like it, a constructed situation?

2008.05.20 11:50
The Official Paradigm Shift thread
Many OMA and MVRDV projects owe a debt to Le Corbusier's Palais des Congrès (1964, shown here with the exterior walls of the upper box removed). A generic stacked grid filled with a wide variety of program. Le Corbusier's 'baroque' reenactment of Villa Savoye, even.
The Heidi Weber Pavilion is a composite of (at least) two earlier (1949-50) design ideas: Le Brevet 226x226x226 and Porte Maillot 50. The various designs leading up to and the early designs of the Pavilion itself make for an interesting study in 'paradigm' development.
Sous les Paves la Plage, indeed.

2008.05.20 09:45
The Official Paradigm Shift thread
Seven Typical Plans of Ambiguity or Plan Atypical
The first typical plan of ambiguity arises when a detail is effective in several ways at once.
In the second typical plan of ambiguity two or more alternative meanings are fully resolved into one.
The condition for the third typical plan of ambiguity is that two apparently unconnected meanings are given simultaneously.
In the fourth typical plan of ambiguity the alternative meanings combine to make clear a complicated mind in the architect.
The fifth typical plan of ambiguity is a fortunate confusion...
In the sixth typical plan of ambiguity what is designed is contradictory or irrelevant and the user is forced to invent interpretations.
The seventh typical plan of ambiguity is that full of contradiction, marking a division in the architect's mind.
5, 6 and 7 are my favorites.

2008.05.20 08:49
The Official Paradigm Shift thread

Department of Architectural Theory Annexation
"Hey, do you mind taking a picture of me in front of a paradigm shift on top of a paradigm shift."




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