circle/square juncture

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Serlio Architecture Book 1   4411d

1979   "Geometry" in Stanza   1979

1995.07.24   Timepiece of Humanity : The Gauge  

circle/square man in Villa Rotonda   3138b

Villa Almerico Capra (La Rotonda)   2080b

97050701   chronosomatic man circle/square studies   001 002 003 004 005 006
97050707   chronosomatics circle/square year calculation   2296i06

The Ongoing History of the Circle/Square Juncture
...the story begins with Serlio and the Stanza geometry article. Then comes the Canon of Polyclytus, the solar system, the Timepiece gauge, phases of the imagination as related to the internal organs. ...the Villa Rotonda/Goldenberg House study and the Timepiece of Humanity notes.

991218a   Circle Squared Museum   007
99121830   Porticus Neroniani Villa Rotonda plans   008
011125e   Villa Rotonda Goldenberg House man   009

1. 88 houses of ill-repute; start with the Porticus Neronianae (circle/square); playful appositions.

020802a   Villa Rotonda Goldenberg House man   010

sorry Vitruvius, sorry da Vinci   4411f

040324i   skeleton   011
040324j   skeleton Porticus Neronianiae   012
040324k   Ottopia skeleton/circle/square juncture   013
040324l   skeleton Porticus Neronianiae   014
040325a   Villa Rotonda   015
040325b   Villa Rotonda Porticus Neronianiae   016

Porticus Circulus Quadratum, big guest house; new name for circle/square junction. Kahn, Palladio, Piranesi, Lauf reenactments; chronosomatic House?

08030701   Circle Squared Museum plans   017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025

08030801   Palladio Piransei Kahn circle/square plans   026

08080901   Circle Squared Museum models   027 028 029 030 031 032 033 034 035 036

11111601   circle/square man Villa Rotonda elevations plans   037

2012.03.25 10:23
Re: Traditional Architecture
Palladio, Piranesi, Kahn, Kahn, Kahn, Kahn

12042305   Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse   038
12042401   Louis I. Kahn building plans   039

2013.02.14 11:22
14 February
Through of an essay on geometry I'd written in 1979, I knew Palladio's plan of the Villa Rotonda followed a geometry of concentric circles within squares. If I got the circles/squares on the screen, then I could easily and accurately draw the plan of the Villa Rotonda from memory. I was the first in the room to have an actual whole plan on the screen. Upon seeing it, one of the older architects kind of jealously asked, "So, does your office do classical architecture or something?" I had to stop myself from laughing, but still thought, "What an idiot."

2013.11.20 18:41
20 November
In a strange way, Palladio's Villa Rotonda could be considered to already be a 'museum of the human body."

13120609   IQ09 Circle Squared Museum plans   2092i08

2013.12.18 20:24
18 December
Reading 'conceptio' (a feminine noun) means (1a) a comprehending; hence concretely, a circuit, compass: the system of the universe [and here Vitruvius is cited as the source of the concrete meaning] again today made me wonder anew as to the significance of the compass of the Ichnographia matching exactly the plan of the Porticus Neronianae.   3771k

14052503   Circle Squared Museum plan 22002 in situ   2393i03

14090703   museum compilation plans 22002 contexts   2080i31

14100603   Circle Squared Museum @ Kahn's grave House for Otto 9&10 NE Philadelphia NNTC context   2080i32

15063001   analogous buildings plans   2286i07
15070101   analogous buildings plans   2286i08

15121001   museum compilation IQ Northeast Philadelphia plans   8604i00   01   02   03   04   05



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