18 December

1452 death of Colard de Givry

1545 the great vault of the Libreria fell; Sansovino was held responsible for the loss, imprisoned, and fined.
1554 Pierre Lescot was created canon of the cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris

1816 it was ordered that the works collected by Lenoir should be returned to their original owners
1832 death of Augustus Pugin
1881 death of George Edmund Street

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1916.12.18)

The Sacred and the Profane
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Department of Architectural Theory
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more daring @ Quondam
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Re: the e-media state
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where does concept come from
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Re: Bemused Tadao Ando observation
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postpostmodernism (arrgh)
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Re: zomescape
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Architecture as Art: Good Idea or Very Bad Idea?
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Is Parametricism really the new unified style!!!
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Frank Gehry
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What's the deal with...
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18 December
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30th St. Station District Plan Proposes Mixed-Use Neighborhood Above Rail Yards
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9 December
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18 December
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racing thoughts
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U67.homu   Den Lille Prinsen.Europan 13   Trondheim

SANAA   Zollverein School of Management and Design   Essen

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Re: the e-media state
Is a lot of today's built environment an unwitting form of "plug-n-play" architecture?
1998.12.18 16:53 All this reminds me of Einstein's answer to the question "to what did he himself attributed the great workings of his mind?" Einstein basically answered that he never stopped thinking like a child, meaning he never discounted self-evidence and he never took anything for granted.

991218a Circle Squared Museum plans diagrams   2393i02
991218b scale comparisons plans elevations   2120i05
991218c scale comparisons plans   2120i06
991218d Hurva Synagogue St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert plans elevations   2302i24
991218e Haus der Kunst model plans axonometrics perspectives   2306i01   b
991218f House for Otto 10 plan   2316i01
991218g House for Otto 9 plan   2315i01
991218h Houses for Otto, plans plan developmentt   2309i01
991218i Maison Millennium 003 plan, model   2318i01   b   c
991218j Maison Millennium 003 perspectives   2318i02
991218k Maison Millennium 004 plan, model   2319i01   b   c
991218l Maison Millennium 004 perspectives   2319i02   b   c
991218m House for Otto 9 10 plan development   2315i02
99121815 Arcadia flyer   2302i25
99121816 Quondam, elevations plans in position   2302i26
99121817 Parthenon Columns at Museum for Nordrhine Westfalen perspective   2302i27
99121818 Parthenon column model elevation/section   2066i01
99121819 Quondam elevations   2302i28
99121820 Maison Dom-ino, Composition Three, Conference Room of the Olivetti Headquarters, Wall House 2, axonometric   2140i03
99121821 architectural scale plans scales   2120i07 2166i02
99121822 St. Peter's Square Philadelphia City Hall, plans   2091i01
99121823 Altes Museum Museum for Nordrhine Westfalen plans elevations   2120i08
99121824 Quondam elevations   2120i09
99121825 Quondam elevations   2080i47
99121826 Modena Cemetery model   2217i01
99121827 collection of museums plans elevations   2120i10
99121828 collection of museums plans (superimposed) elevations   2120i11
99121829 Quondam plan collection   2302i29
99121830 Porticus Neroniani Villa Rotunda circle/square diagram   2302i30
99121831 Altes Museum axonometric   2120i12
99121832 Customs Office of the Neue Packhof plans elevations model   2122i02
99121833 Schinkel sculpture group elevation   2302i31
99121834 Schinkel sculpture group elevation   2302i32
99121835 Schinkel sculpture group elevation   2302i33
99121836 Altes Museum elevation   2120i13
99121837 Form 001 model   2301i01   b   c
99121838 Form 001 model   2301i02   b   c   d   e
99121839 Infringement Complex plans model   2308i01
99121840 Infringement Complex, perspectives   2308i02
99121841 Form 000, House for Otto plan play and early extrusion play   2300i01   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j
99121842 Haus der Kunst plans model perspectives   2302i34
99121843 Danteum plans model perspectives   2165i01   b
99121844 Danteum plans model perspectives   2165i02   b

2004.12.18 08:00
postpostmodernism (arrgh)
The worst thing about fashion is that each new design is manifest to make the last design obsolete. Planned obsolescence is not good design, rather capitalist manipulate of consumption. Given the limited resources of this planet, planned obsolescence is not what architecture should aspire to.

041218a Ichnographia Romaphilia Philadelphia east and west of the Tiber (building footprints only)   2348i08
041218b Ichnographia Romaphilia Ichnographia west of the Tiber   2348i09
041218c Ichnographia Romaphilia landmarks

2011.12.18 11:48
Architecture as Art: Good Idea or Very Bad Idea?
Sounds a lot like a virtual museum of architecture, albeit with a very specific (hopefully not too trendy) curatorial mission.
Do people still remember the first time they sat down to read a novel?
AD[vocating] PUBLICITY
self link: the future
"In the future, everyone will be a self link, with absolutely nothing to be sorry about. Self link architects will be all the rage, even."
"I suggest you pursue all three topics in one--a marine architecture hi tech airport designed to make everyone feel like they're on stage. Throughout this great hybrid machine of notoriety are virtually infinite opportunities to globally link oneself."
"Perhaps you should design some kind of institution where architects can go to become less bitchy about petty things and in turn more ideas oriented. I see franchise opportunities--a Pride-Aid on corners everywhere."
"Just wait:
Due to global warming Greenland becomes prime real estate. As a result Denmark becomes one of the northern hemisphere's big oil-rich nations. Jet-setters winter in Dubai and summer in Greenland.
I've never set foot on Greenland, but I have been there (back in 1963). Our plane needed fuel, so we landed somewhere in Greenland. It was night, so you couldn't see much, but I distinctly remember a single light burning over the door of a small building next to the runway. I remained enchanted."

2013.12.18 18:38
What's the deal with...
Is it true someone out there is currently working on Delirious Cyberspace: A Retroactive Manifesto for the Internet? I can see it all now.

2013.12.18 20:24
18 December
1997: ...far more manipulative of the model and 2D data in the collection. ...collaged-distorted designs demonstrating the true possibilities of "virtual" space and museums of architecture. ...new definitions of museums are also being created in the process--a "virtual" museum can go beyond the "mission" of a real museum.
1998: Is a lot of today's built environment an unwitting form of "plug-n-play" architecture? All this reminds me of Einstein's answer to the question "to what did he himself attributed the great workings of his mind?" Einstein basically answered that he never stopped
thinking like a child, meaning he never discounted self-evidence and he never took anything for granted.
2000: The Latin word 'concepto' (a verb) means: (1) to conceive, become pregnant and (2) to conceive in mind.
The Latin word 'conceptio' (a feminine noun) means (1a) a comprehending; hence concretely, a circuit, compass: the system of the universe [and here Vitruvius is cited as the source of the concrete meaning] -- (1b) a collection, reservoir -- (1c) a conception, a becoming pregnant -- (2a) a composing, drawing up of juridical formulas -- (2b) an expression
From my own experience as an architecture student and as an occasional jury member of student design presentations, the notion of formulating a 'concept' early on in the design process is an integral part of contemporary architectural education. I admit that up until five days ago, when I first read the Latin definitions above, I never connected the notion of formulating a design concept with the notion of becoming pregnant (although the connection in English is surely present in the word 'conception'). For me, concept in design meant an idea formulated from the building program and site, and this idea would both guide the design process as well as provide the design with a cohesion.
Now, knowing the Latin definitions of concepto and conceptio, I change my understanding of concept vis--vis designing to being metaphorically that moment when the design process becomes pregnant. And here I want to recall Saul's question "whether there are any arguments for a language of architecture that go beyond appeals to a metaphorical sense of 'language'. [What follows is not to refute Saul's quest, which I see as an insightful mind seeking an interesting and seemingly unprecedented vein of thought, but to suggest what might be the very root of the opposite of what Saul seeks--working with the logic(?) that to understand what something is not will aid in understanding what something is.]
It seems fairly clear that the notion of mentally attaining a concept is already a metaphor for physically becoming pregnant (and here I wonder whether the age old male striving for intellectual dominance is really nothing more than womb envy), hence a substantial part of design/creativity language is likewise purely metaphorical. Again, I'm not trying to suggest that a non-metaphorical language of architecture cannot be found or formulated, rather to point out that the concept of a non-metaphorical language is either: (1) already operating metaphorically in that mental conception reenacts physical conception, or (2) a non-metaphorical language of architecture is one that seeks to equal physical conception itself (i.e., to enact rather than reenact).
Last week I offered "innuendo" as a "display [that generally] deals with the 'language' and meaning of architectural planimetric forms, while specifically [displaying] the 'master key' that unlocks the long held mysteriousness of Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius." Take another look at innuendo/0001

because you will see a 'building' that is both literally and figuratively conception. This tiny building is indeed one of the few plans within the Ichnographia that Piranesi does not provide with a Latin label, and that is because the building, through its plan, already speaks for itself, and, moreover, it speaks of all the 'concepts' there involved, namely, Piranesi's conception of architectural language and the very conception of Rome [Romulus] itself. Piranesi's architectural intensification here is so tight to the point that indeed the medium is the message. And I now wonder whether it might be more worthwhile to seek a language of architecture where the medium is the message, or is such a 1=1 language the same as "a language of architecture that goes beyond appeals to a metaphorical sense of 'language'?"
2004: The design you refer to, an open frame with each level a plot of landscaping with housing, is by SITE,

and I can see the connection with the City Tower project

(which was a schematic proposal to replace Philadelphia's City Hall). A new physical model of the City Tower project was constructed just over ten years ago for the Kahn exhibition back then. I knew the model builders, and the design turned out to be much more subtly complex than first expected. I'd love to construct a computer model of the project, but without sufficient data, it's futile for me to attempt. Basically, it's one of those designs that is abundantly virtual in that there is no real building and even the schematics do not fully render what the real building would actually be like. Like you suggest via the SITE example, the City Tower project could wind up containing just about anything.
Anne Tyng is also a key player here, and should not be forgotten. She's the one that was most interested in numbers and geometric constructs as structural systems. Her theoretical writing (from back then) is dense and often abstruse, but perhaps worth reading again with more understanding eyes.
2013: Reading 'conceptio' (a feminine noun) means (1a) a comprehending; hence concretely, a circuit, compass: the system of the universe [and here Vitruvius is cited as the source of the concrete meaning] again today made me wonder anew as to the significance of the compass of the Ichnographia matching exactly the plan of the Porticus Neronianae.

Was Piranesi covertly delineating the "system of the universe?"

14121801 Altes Museum Schinkel's Berlin 1100x550 plan   2404i28

15121801   U67.homu   Den Lille Prinsen.Europan 13   Trondheim

16121801 Parthenon column plan elevation model   2066i05
16121802 Parthenon column plan elevation model acropolis plan attached scale corrected   2066i06


17121801 San Giorgio Maggiore Museum of Architecture plans Venice plan image   2082i01   b
17121802 IQ48 San Giorgio Maggiore Museum of Architecture Museum of Arts & Crafts Cubist ICM plans   2082i02
17121803 Museum of Architecture plan elevation model work San Giorgio Maggiore plan   2245i18

18121801 GAUA25 Monument to Friedrich the Great Houses Under a Common Roof Salk Institute for Biological Studies Ridgeway House Zany House 002 Danteum x5 House of Shadows Bye Mat-Slab-Blob Complex plans placed   2429i366
18121802 GAUA26 Maison Dom-ino Farnsworth House Erdman Hall Atheneum Wexner Center for the Arts Ur-Ottopia House Stoner Food Resturant ASouq 001 plans placed   2429i368
18121803 GAUA27 Whitemarsh Hall Kaufmann Desert House Fisher House Housing for La Villette Green Enfilade House Maison Millennium 001 Hurva Dormitories ASouq 002 plans placed   2429i369
18121804 GAUA28 Philadelphia Museum of Art Baker House Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts Urban Components Westchester House Palace of Ottopia Gooding Trice House ASouq 003 plans placed   2429i370
18121805 GAUA29 Salon d'Automne Weiss House Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti at Rho-Milan 10x10x10 Cube Grotta Residence Lauf Haus der Kunst Gooding Trice Villa ASouq 004 plans placed   2429i371
18121806 GAUA30 Maison du Peintre Ozenfant 860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments Neue Nationalgalerie Eclectic House House in Laguna 001 House for Otto 3 Jung Zaha House ASouq 005 plans placed   2429i372
18121807 GAUA31 Schindler-Chace House Glass House Levy Memorial Playground Gooding House Weishaupt Forum House for Otto 4 Trivilla Savoye ASouq 002 Section House plans placed   2429i373
18121808 GAUA32 Maison La Roche-Jeanneret Eames House and Studio Maison de l'Homme Dresdner Bank Netherlands Architecture Institute House for Otto 5 Cut & Paste Museum Mies van der Hejduk Quondam House plans placed   2429i374
18121809 GAUA07 Colosseum Mausoleum of Romulus Circus of Maxentius German Pavilion Das Canoas House Mikveh Israel Synagogue House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 001 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao plans placed   2429i375
18121810 GAUA12 Circus of Maxentius Baths of Constantine Tuberculosis Sanatorium Adler House House 14 House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 004 Museum of Architecture Broken Temple Bye House Distorted Villa + 15 plans placed   2429i376
18121811 GAUA01-08 plans   2429i377
18121812 GAUA09-16 plans   2429i378
18121813 GAUA17-24 plans   2429i379
18121814 GAUA25-32 plans   2429i380

19121801 atypical huse plans Cooper & Pratt House Mayor's House Ur-Ottopia House Green Enfilade House Zany House 001 Zany House 02 House for Otto 5 7 8   2246i08




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