Eternal Wrest

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eternal 1 a :   having infinite duration   :  having no beginning or end

wrest 1 a :   to pull, force, or move by violent wringing or twisting movements   2 :   to gain with difficulty by or as if by coersive force, or steady determined labor   3 a :   to divert to an unintended, unnatural, or esp. improper use   b :   to misinterpret or misapply (a law) intentionally   c :   to deflect or change from a true or normal bearing, significance or interpretation

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Eternal Wrest

"Eternal Wrest" will have to do with reenacting with a twist as a constant generator of originality.

def: a-typological architecture
...he straight away understood how my concept of reenactment fit exactly with the point of his paper, which was that there is now indeed too much copying of Koolhaas and Eisenman by a 'second generation' that does not fully understand the process behind the 'original' designs Bernard subsequently embraced the notion of 'critical' reenactment as a key to continuance of methodology that does not merely become an insufficient copy.

Re: 'game over' design
I got a copy of Homo Ludens a few years ago, and so far I have really only read the introduction. Nonetheless, I still got much from the book so far. For example, I collected many passages that I feel relate to how Piranesi designed / 'played with' his reenactment of ancient Rome via the Ichnographia Campus Martius--indeed, reenactment itself is very much a "re-play", literally a playing / acting [even designing?] again.

2002.07.19 17:00
WTC Panoramas (and history)
Nic wrote:
I visit only when implored by out of town guests. I wonder how many NYers haven't necessarily turned their backs on the event or the place, but find the circus there repugnant. Most everyone I know never visits. It is becoming a place for others to consume.
Steve observes:
These exact words could (have) be(en) used by myself with respect to the truly historic sites of downtown Philadelphia, that is, until I began to understand the real meaning of quondam. I've come to realize that the national historic sites of downtown Philadelphia as they have become enshrined are nonetheless going through a continual process of erasure and palimpsest via simulacra and (indeed) reenactment.
Do I like it the way it is at Historic Philadelphia now? No, not entirely. But I do think it is important for me to now be much more aware of what is going on 'down there.' I know you probably all think that I'm crazy about reenactment, and that it is some kind of great realization about design and how design operates, which is true in that that is how I feel. But, what I think is not so well understood, is that I am still trying to understand reenactment at the same time that I write (to you) about it. I have only a very small idea what the best solution for the 9/11 site in NYC is, especially with regard to it now being a tourist destination. I do know, however, what I would 'design' for Independence Hall, and that is to periodically have many State representatives come to Philadelphia on July Fourth, and just sit and talk for a while where the original State delegates sat. That way I and many others might just have a 'real' better idea of what it was like to be in Philadelphia on 4 July 1776.
I wonder what the NYC 9/11 site will be like 226 years from now?


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