Shock Me, I'm Bourgeois

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2009.07.30 12:26
Archinect hates Architecture
"The title and inspiration is A Freeway of Doing It. [or maybe The Fineprint of Fantasies.]

2009.07.30 08:06
Rant Magazine... "Artist"/Designer? submittals
Exponential Potential Architecture
1. Architecture plus Weaponization
2. Architecture minus Weaponization
3. Architecture times Weaponization
4. Architecture divided by Weaponization
5. Architecture greater than Weaponization
6. Architecture less than Weaponization
7. Architecture to the power of Weaponization
8. the Weaponization root of Architecture

2009.07.28 11:48
architectural representation. drawing. diagrams. etc...
Gehry's sketches is a very evocative nomination.

2009.07.22 17:40
"This market is a game changer"
What I'm more asserting is that lucrative goals are more objective and "the greater good" is more subjective (if not altogether ephemeral).
What's the object of the new (architecture) game?
What's the subject of the new (architecture) game?

2009.07.22 17:11
"This market is a game changer"
Having no lucrative goals doesn't free me from life in a capitalist system, but it does make me a less active participant in the capitalist system.
personal aside:
Having no lucrative goals does not preclude having no goals at all, although, along with having no lucrative goals, I have very few consumer goals (beyond the basic consumer needs for a comfortable living).
general aside:
Is it true to say that most people within a capitalist system have more consumer goals than lucrative goals?

2009.07.22 16:07
"This market is a game changer"
I have no lucrative goals. Does that mean game over for me? In many ways, yes.

2009.07.22 15:50
"This market is a game changer"
Capitalism does not choose the lucrative goal; capitalism is the lucrative goal.

2009.07.22 14:51
Why Are We Not Talking About Henry Louis Gates Jr. ?
I'm trying to think when I haven't been profiled.

2009.07.21 10:40
Suggestions on destroying earth
There's really no hurry. There's plenty more morphology and physiology to go through.

2009.07.21 10:26
I smell a Vorläufer
"I like the list; like chapters, like lessons, like evolutionary stages, like different floors of a building I'd love to design, like a row of restaurants while you're perpetually hungry."
2004.05.18 10:26
...the curatorial architect as elevator operator of life.

knock-off, knock-off
"who's there?"
"Oh, you again."
Keep in mind: there are no depths to which I will not stoop.

2009.07.21 10:01
same difference?
same difference?
same difference?

2009.07.14 22:53
Rant Magazine... "Artist"/Designer? submittals
The Epic of Googlemesh reports how a harlot, "a wanton from the temple of data," is used not only to entice and seduce the Architect but also thus to wean him away from the habits with which he has been roaming; the prostitute releases him.

2009.07.14 20:53
Rant Magazine... "Artist"/Designer? submittals
This is the Chinese box or mirror-facing-mirror effect. Just as Dante tells the story of how his trip through the universe brought him to the point of telling the story of the trip, which has to be told, and so on, and Proust discovers after three thousand pages that he must write three thousand pages about the discovery that he must write, and so on, so Joyce indicates that in ten years he will write the book in which we are told that in ten years, and so on.




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