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2009.06.12 08:36
please comment or destroy, thank you
"In German, a mnemonic can be fashioned from the literal meaning of the Latin word complicare. which means "to fold together (zusammenfalten)": the complicated, then, can be rendered graspable via unfolding (Entfaltung), because it thereby becomes simple (einfach) in a sense of naïve or ingenuous (einfältig). But the Latin word complexus means "mutual embrace," or, so to speak, the labyrinthine [emphasis added], the convoluted: here, simplicity already contains within itself the seed of all the complexity that comes to appearance through its own development. In cases of doubt, then, the complicated can be profitably reduced and simplified--but the complex, in contrast, cannot be simplified with impunity. To say that something is complicated means that the finite number of its determinations cannot be grasped directly. To say that something is complex means, by contrast, that the number of its determinations is simply infinite."
Clemens Bellut, "Ach, Luise, lass ... das ist ein zu weites Feld," or: The Gordian Knot of Complexity" in Complexity: Design Strategy and World View (2008).
Eternal Wrest ... really only the beginning?
"All the world's a next stage."

2009.06.11 23:12
please comment or destroy, thank you
Yeah, and PowerBall is now up to $59 million.
"Less walls is more windows."
Hi, I haven't had time yet to read all of your post, but I wanted to quickly respond about your being in Phila. Tuesday. You'll find that Einstein is right near Olney Avenue, and hence in just the next neighborhood to mine. I actually want to attend your talk, and then, if it is possible, I'd like to take you on a Synagogue tour here. Just 5 minutes north of Einstein is Louis I. Kahn's first executed building, which was in fact a local, neighborhood synagogue (1935), now a Black Baptist(?) Church -- well worth seeing. Then 10 minutes north of that is Beth Sholom (1955?), a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece.
Und was ist das Laufscape???
Sie wissen das "der Lauf der Welt" im Englisch heist "the way of the world." Ist das das Laufscape? Platzgeist UND Zeitgeist? Ist das das Laufscape? Wohnen Sie vielleicht am Lauf Herr Lauf?
Einstein und Einstein sind zwei Stein.
Zwei Stein und zwei Stein sind Neuschwanstein.
Neuschwanstein und Neuschwanstein sind Vierzehn Heiligen.
You might want to web check the ancient Roman festivals that were called Ludi. Apparently that's when the real games of Western civilization were played out big time on more than several occassions throughout a year.
Oh, I almost forgot. What color should the toilets be in Anand Bathrooms? Maybe the same color as a quaaludi?

2009.06.11 13:01
U. Kentucky studio gallery opening in Louisville
"Reenact me, and I'll set you free!"

2009.06.08 15:07
Manhattan Transcripts - Tschumi
"The stated concern of the project [Park La Villette] was to apply theoretical concerns on a practical level, to move from the "pure mathematics" of The Manhattan Transcripts to applied mathematics."
from "Madness and the Combinative" (1984) in Archtecture and Disjunction.

2009.06.06 20:18
how about thom mayne?
Quondam is my site. It's the first virtual museum of architecture, online since 21 November 1996. Earlier this year thingsmagazine.net described Quondam as "Stephen Lauf's epically impenetrable 'online collage', a real labyrinth of a website," and that suits me just fine.
Yes, Quondam is dense, and even I don't know where everything is, so I utilize site-specific google searches to find things.
The numbering system has no meaningful significance beyond its sequentiality; file names, that's all.

The specific image you ask about also has no intended significance in terms of how Thom Mayne may see things, but, as you've now demonstrated, it is capable of inspiring a significance. And that's more or less the point...

2009.06.06 15:44
how about thom mayne?
Morphosis Exhibit, 2001.   3143

2009.06.05 13:40
how about thom mayne?
I have a few dozen images of an obscure Morphosis exhibit (Temple University Arch. Dept., 2001) which included a series of study models (of a couple projects I'm not sure the names of) dated 1999. I'll try to get the images online soon.

2009.06.03 20:19
Thread Central
poor Salieri, always a step behind
he who laughs last indeed

2009.06.03 09:50
Developing a thesis (and metathesis?) - brainstorming help!
double your theatrics, double your fun
read this morning:
"When the Convention moved from Versailles to Paris, it reopened in a new hemicycle built into the old palace theatre, the Salle des Machines of the Tuileries, designed by the revolutionary Jacques-Pierre Gisors, even if the semicircular layout, the high colonnade and zenital lighting followed the model of the sober, neo-antique anatomy theatre in the Ecole de la Chirurgie. Although the assembly hall was a bit makeshift (the statues which ornamented its walls were all painted simulations), the hemicycle found favour and was copied when the chamber was enlarged and rebuilt in the Palais-Bourbon. Two centuries later it still serves the Chamber of Deputies. With its obvious division into left and right, it became the model for many parliamentary chambers all over the world--a curious fate for an emulation of an anatomy theatre."
For sure a significant note within "Surgical Double Theater.
now playing:
Siamese, wo bist du, too

2009.05.31 23:05
Developing a thesis (and metathesis?) - brainstorming help!

Olafur Eliasson   Your Colour Memory   Arcadia University Art Gallery, Glenside, Pennsylvania, 2004
The color of the curved wall changes randomly and continually, and what the naked eye sees in the space is not the same as what a digital camera records, ie, people in the space do not appear totally tinted when viewed by the naked eye. Moreover, the captured digital image is not exactly the same as the image when it appeared on the camera's monitor, ie, the resultant image file is much more tinted.

2009.05.31 21:44
Developing a thesis (and metathesis?) - brainstorming help!
...it sounds like you're well on your way to designing a specific Siamese-twin museum: a museum of retroactive architecture cojoined with a museum of propassive architecture. If two buildings are not allowed, then design the operation that will split the two.

2009.05.31 16:25
Psychology and architecture
(what used to be called) The Dick Manifesto is indeed a psychological, cathartic investigation of architectural aberrance.

2009.05.14 17:47
Do architects read?
Here's a little of what I read this morning:
"Posthumous fame seems, then, to be the lot of the unclassifiable ones, that is, whose work neither fits the existing order nor introduces a new genre that lends itself to future classification. ... This is what society can least come to terms with and upon which it will always be very reluctant to bestow its seal of approval."

"Mother, I must marry her! She's going to be a famous Posthumous-Modern architect!"

2009.05.07 17:47

"Knock and it shall be opened to you."




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