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museum collecting
...have yet to compile all the museum plans within Quondam's collection, meaning adding Museum Annex, Calder Museum, Working Title Museum, Haus der Kunst, Cut & Paste Museum (and just as an aside, the latest REX museum seems to relate to the Cut & Paste Museum), Acropolis Q, Venue, Gallery Berwin, Circle Squared Museum, Domestic Museum, 5233, Villa Savoye(?), Palace of Versailles, and all the superimposed museum plans.

Quondam   Cut & Paste Museum   2007

REX   Munch Museum and Stenersen Museum Collections   Oslo   2009

2009.05.31 21:44
Developing a thesis (and metathesis?) - brainstorming help! sounds like you're well on your way to designing a specific Siamese-twin museum: a museum of retroactive architecture cojoined with a museum of propassive architecture. If two buildings are not allowed, then design the operation that will split the two.

2009.09.03 13:11
fashion tip (of the iceberg)
It was the "post-mortem discourse" that rekindled the vertigo of the mélange. The thought was post-modernism as still life.
But the strange fascination of still life, isn't it also a fiction? Or indeed an ethereal necrophilia?
--The Man without Qualities
The only gesture possible would seem to be stillness, what "in painting is called Stilleben (still life), or in other languages... natura morta (dead nature)."
Life is magically arrested in its impermanence: "objects, animals, plants, landscapes and human bodies frozen into stillness by the magic of art," in a sort of "demonical" mystery.
The world itseld seems to be suspended in an unending instant, in a landscape like the "sixth day of Creation, when God and the world were still alone, without men"
"It is extraordinarily simple, but also very odd," says Ulrich.
"We have found many contrived answers," says Ulrich, "but we have overlooked th simplest: that both may have the intention and the capacity to take everything of which they have experience only as Gleichnis" And "every Gleichnis is ambivalent for the intellect, but for the feeling it is univocal;" and therefore it should be possible to experience "as oneness that which be common estimate is twofold."
"In that instant there occurred to Ulrich the idea of a state of life in which the being here was Gleichnis of the being there, and the impossible experience of being a person with two distinct bodies might lose the thorn of its impossibility."
Gleichnis is never Gleichheit.
--overall Franco Rella
He found Renfrew in a hectic mood, as close to desperation as Lew could recall.
... Lew had the sudden certitude that right now in Göttingen some bilocational Lew was asking Werfner the same question...]
"magnigicent chaos of the museum"

2009.09.13 11:22
The Collapse of Distance - Benjamin/Virilio
You're thinking of A Landscape of Events (2000). Briefly looked through it last night.
From Tshumi's 'Forward':
"Time rather than space is the theme of this book: the collapse of time, the acceleration of time, the reversal of time, the simultaneity of all times. ... Space becomes temporal."
So, not so much about the collapse of distance...
Fell asleep reading "The Accident Museum", a text now already 23 years old, written soon after the Challenger explosion.

what's going on
Ongoing work on the "museum of architects"--once all the texts are formatted add all the date data to the calendar and start to compile a new chronological list of events. The alphabetical list will also be completely linked to the decade lists (via the 'name' tag).
...the history of Quondam; ...early sketch of the morph from Court Gardener's House to Museum of Architecture...
... hints about writing/compiling a "novel" text composed of the earlier arch posts--all of them and somehow filling them out.

atypical and appositions
Create composite plan databases for both ‘atypical’ and ‘appositions’. The databases to get data from are in /atypical.
It will be worthwhile seeing the collected plans at the same scale.
99061401   Palace of Ottopia plan
990723d     Zany House 001 002 Poché House plans
99072310   Wacko House 002 plan development
991218f     House for Otto 10 plans
991218g     House for Otto 9 plans
991218i     Maison Millennium 003 plan model
991218k     Maison Millennium 004 plan model
001114d     ludi 002
001124b     domestic plans collection
001124c     domestic plans
010808a     Palace of Ottopia studies
010812a     Lauf Haus der Kunst studies
01112516   Maison Millennium 002 plan
020227d     Schizophrenic Folds plans
030417c     Wacko House 001 plan development
040324c     Palace of Ottopia Maison Millennium 001 plans
040325e     Sober House 1 plan
040325k     UNEP Headquarters Infringement Complex plans
040421a     House K.F. Schinkel House 10: Museum Wacko House 000 plans
040908a     I. Kahn Collagio plan
06060906   Savoye Hystérique plans
06072401   recombinant architectures plans
07052801   Gooding Trice House plans
07071803   Domestic Museum plan collection
07100201   Cut & Paste Museum plans
07113002   Suburban Poché plans
07120501   IQ Girard Collage site plan
08031801   Palais des Congrès House 10: Museum plan comparisons
08031902   Ichnographia Inkblot plans within ICM
08092502   Courthouse Plus Ultra plan development

2012.03.12 22:11
...the notion of saving the building because
You know, I've come around to the notion of saving the building because it would be perfect as the world's first Sado-Masochistic Architecture Museum. First off, you wouldn't have to change a thing, nor repair anything, for that matter. The building would become famous--well, maybe famous isn't the right word, but such a museum would definitely garner lots of media attention. And just think of all the opportunities to educate the masses, but in a twisted way, of course. Some would gleam knowledge of what architecture shouldn't be, while others (at the same time) gleam knowledge of what architecture should be. Kinky, indeed. Oh, and the t-shirts in the museum shop say, "I visited the Sado-Masochistic Architecture Museum and all I got was this lousy t-shirt that says 'Shock me, I'm bourgeois!'" Wait! Wait! There's also another t-shirt that says, "Suck isn't the only thing that architecture does."

2012.03.23 21:32
Re: Traditional Architecture
It's time for me enlarge/combine both my houses.

The program is simple: add lots more period rooms.



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