hyper architecturism

a "what if" world

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2017.06.23 13:48
Las Vegas Strip/Via Appia at the same scale

2016.07.26 11:05
Adam (sans Eve) in the Garden of Satire
While having breakfast...
"There is a quality of imagination which makes the work, even without knowing about the process, stand on its own. But the knowledge that there is a process throws the reader into a state of being uncertain, and even while knowing that there is no way of rediscovering the process, and even if one enjoys simply reading the text, the fact that there is a secret transforms the experience of reading into one of deciphering, a game, a more complex undertaking, more disturbing, more anxious than when on reads a simple text for the pure pleasure of it."
...then remembering to remember the tropological spacing of Learning from Las Vegas' strip vis--vis Canina's Appian Way.
fill in the blank and the labyrinth
eternal wrest and the labyrinth
p. 41
...(that is, 'In Iacq Lequeu ' meaning 'il n'y a que Lequeu' or 'There's only Lequeu;). (This was the pun-loving nineteenth century.)
more like sic eighteenth century




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