19 January

1739 birth of Joseph Bonomi
1766 death of Jean Nicolas Servandoni

Re: virtual (muesum) dialogue
1999.01.19 10:58     3728b

infringement complex
1999.01.19     2308 3142 3704 3705e 3730c 3754d 3784d 3789

recalling virt. mus.
2000.01.19 11:05     3316j

Re: lack of life
2002.01.19 11:46     e2800f e2675 e2708 e2744 e2749 e2985 3739c 3811l 5318i

retrospective exhibitions
2002.01.19     3142c 3730e 3789c

abstract for Studium Urbis
2003.01.19 17:26     e2800b e2607 e2678 e2823 e2905 e2909 3016 3727c 3768 3792e 5010 5027 8122

Re: From Earth to The Cosmos
2004.01.19 14:24     3770i 3773e

Tschumi's renderings
2004.01.19 14:51     2165 3770i 3773e

what is the good source to study folding architecture?
2006.01.19 10:55

Museum Exhibitions (MOCA's Skin + Bones)
2007.01.19 11:20     3336j 3773g
2007.01.19 12:52     3336j
2007.01.19 15:17     3336j

here's another Mies-runs-through-it design by OMA
2007.01.19 15:31     3336j 3736p 3773g 3775l 4014i 4018j 5807c
2007.01.19 15:54     3336j

museum musings
2009.01.19     3120q 3713g 3770x

CONTOURS: The Divisions that Bind Us
2012.01.19 11:47     3732b 3785e

19 January
2013.01.19 19:07     3301j 3990

19 January
2014.01.19 14:05     3307o 3750q /ury
2014.01.19 19:25     3307p 3792h 4013o 4016q

OMA   ArcelorMittal HQ

010119a Berlin model   2120i14
010119b Lustgarten model   2334i01   b   c

050119a rems orthographics
050119b rems orthographics   2350i03
050119c rems orthographics   2350i04
050119d rems orthographics   2350i05
050119e rems orthographics   2350i06
050119f rems orthographics   2350i07

2006.01.19 10:55
what is the good source to study folding architecture?
Just for general reference, there are a couple pages on "fold" in The Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture, and under "bend" in the same book is: See 'braids,' 'circuits,' 'coilings,' 'contortionism,' 'fold,' 'folding' and 'fold (unfold-refold).'

2007.01.19 15:31
here's another Mies-runs-through-it design by OMA
mies wrapped around a factory

What's next? Kahn wrapped around Le Corbusier?
Koolhaas is so reenactionary. I love it!

07011901 Acropolis Q axonometrics perspectives bad

09011901 Medica Minerva St. Agnes Basilica Santa Costanza Pantheon Courthouse Plus Ultra plans   206ii01

15011901 GAUA site plan 47652 (completely cleaned up)   2177i31

18011901   OMA   ArcelorMittal HQ

19011901 10x10x10 Cube plan model perspectives   2232i05




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