what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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2007.01.19 15:54
heres another Mies-runs-through-it design by OMA

"Please, one question at a time. Can't you see I'm thinking?!?"

2007.01.19 15:31
here's another Mies-runs-through-it design by OMA
mies wrapped around a factory

What's next? Kahn wrapped around Le Corbusier?
Koolhaas is so reenactionary. I love it!

2007.01.19 15:17
Museum Exhibitions (MOCA's Skin + Bones)


2007.01.19 12:52
Museum Exhibitions (MOCA's Skin + Bones)
Is it live or is it memorex?

my new aspiration:

"Topless architecture or BUST!"

2007.01.19 11:20
Museum Exhibitions (MOCA's Skin + Bones)
"In the future, everything will be an advertisement."

Maybe the future is always a few years late.




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