atypical/content of a museum [of] otherness

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1999     Ur-Ottopia House
1999     Maison Millennium 001
1999     Palace of Ottopia
1999     Lauf Haus der Kunst
1999     Schizophrenic Folds
1999     Infringement Complex
1999     Y2K House
1999     House for Otto 3
1999     House for Otto 4
1999     House for Otto 5
1999     House for Otto 6
1999     House for Otto 7
1999     House for Otto 8
1999     House for Otto 9
1999     House for Otto 10

990108   Lauf Haus der Kunst   2306

an art sancutary birthday present for O.
1. Galleries
2. Entrance
3. Pacing Porch
4. Private Quarters

infringement complex
...a significant leap regarding the composing of metabolic buildings by collaging existing models. ...used Capital Park West... ...the resultant collage is fine, it was actually the process of creation/design that is more significant.
...underlayed the Palais des Congrès site plan to create a context. ...needed more underlay so then copy enlarged and rotated the site plan, and in cleaning up that plan real design possibilities came to the fore... There is every potential of creating Ottopia in this manner. ...immediately wanted to create a 3D base model for the collage complex.
...changing the elevations--just apply any number of other building elevations, or any other designs, e.g., the patterns.

990121   Infringement Complex   7800c

infringement complex 2, etc.
...incorporate the same model but change the scale of each building (which may involve moving the buildings around as well). ...also altering the elevations using a number of techniques including ri patterning, applying perspectives from infringement complex 1, applying elevations from the group elevations. A third complex could have Campo Marzio plans as the elevations.

990205   Schizophrenic Fold 03   3709d
990205   Schizophrenic Fold 04   3709d
990205   Schizophrenic Fold 05   3709d
990205   Schizophrenic Fold 06   3709d
990205   Schizophrenic Fold 01   3709d
990205   Schizophrenic Fold 02   3709d
990205   Schizophrenic Fold 07   3709d
990222   Zany House 001   3709e
990309   Corbu Collage   3709f
990310   Vitruvian Man   3709f
990317   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 1   3709f
990317   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 2   3709f
990317   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 3   3709f
990317   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 4   3709f
990317   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 5   3709f
990317   House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 6   3709f

an alter-ego for Quondam
...utilizes the same collection and themes as Quondam, but nonetheless affords Quondam a "place" to be much more liberal, uninhibited...

1999.04.17 07:44
test (poem?) by whomever
[architecture as interface comes with the architecture of schizophrenic interfacing...]
[buildings constantly move, doors can be windows, windows can be doors, stairs to Pilate are climbed annually on knees, walls may soon all talk, floors will mostly remain flat, ceilings with sprinklers are virtual skies that harbor emergency rain, roofs probably more than anything manifest architecture's shape, lights, camera, Africa, machines to create architecture with, furniture and painting as one, utilities that never fail (sic), plants, of course, grass gets high, sidewalk, siderun, sidecrawl, sidesit, sideroll-over, driveway complete with Jeep, garage sale as museum,..]

990525   House for Otto 3   3709g
990525   House for Otto 4   3709g
990525   House for Otto 5   3709g
990525   House for Otto 6   3709g
990525   House for Otto 7   3709g
990525   House for Otto 8   3709g
990713   Maison Millennium 002   3709g
990731   Ichnographia Ottopia   3709h

1999.09.15 12:37
architecture in cyberspace?
First, I said, "I'd hate to see the virtual merely become a reflection of the real." This means I'd hate to see architects/designers/theorists neglect an investigation of the inherent qualities of the virtual/cyber realm, where they can find virtual/cyber's own "natural" order. For example, one huge difference between architecture in the real world and architecture in cyberspace is that in cyberspace actual buildings are redundant, indeed a real auction house that does what eBay does couldn't even be built. Another difference between real architecture and cyber architecture is that one goes to real architecture whereas cyber architecture comes to you. It may simply be that "real" architects have to begin also thinking about what it means to design architectures that go to people.
On a personal level, I like that is a museum of architecture that is not a building, and, moreover, a museum of architecture that goes all over our planet.
Perhaps the purest architectures of cyberspace are precisely those architectures that can't be built [except in cyberspace].



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