17 February

1488 Giuliano da Maiano entered the service of Alfouzo, Duke of Calabria

1451 Geoffroy Richier succeeded Jehan Roussel as maître de l'œuvre of the cathedral of Rouen

1564 death of Michelangelo

1699 birth of Hans George Wenceslaus Knobelsdorff

1783 King Gustav III appoints Francesco Piranesi as an art agent (see 28 March and 4 April 1783)

1890 death of Theophilus Hansen
1891 death of Alexandre Albert Lenoir

Re: irrational architecture
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division isolation separation boundaries oh my!!
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Iconography, or the problem of representation
2006.02.17 16:54

Replication in architecture
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Bilocation Syndrome
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The Most Obvious Path
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Generic Architecture
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the path with the least risk
2011.02.17 13:23

17 February
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architectural otherness
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BIG   Danish Recycling Center

2006.02.17 16:54
Iconography, or the problem of representation
Look, that building has some great contemporary architecture on top of it!

2008.02.17 11:19
Replication in architecture
...the whole notion of reenactment itself, and how it differs from simulacra and plain mimesis. The key factor is the "acting" out again of a prior event or situation, which is different from just copying.
Las Vegas is nothing less than an enormous hydroelectric reenactment of an oasis (complete with caravans, watering holes, and even a pyramid), and thus it is not at all unusual that the whole notion of reenactment is now Las Vegas' predominant theme.
excerpt from "The Speeches" in A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit: Part III. p. 206.

09021701 IQ plans     2060i05
09021702 IQ architecture of 4th Century Rome plans   206di02

2009.02.17 07:58
Bilocation Syndrome
The delegation from India brought along a paradigm of Sanchi.
Augustus saw it and said "I'm to be buried like that."
And he was.
Then full house, hence Hadrian's bust out.
The huntress Diana came from MADxMAD garden to preside over the virtual pool of Nympheum Neronis. "New York is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there."
knock knock
who's there?
instead of a telegram, read a novel
but I was expecting Dora Nobb!
Here a Versailles, there a Versailles, everywhere a Versailles, sigh.
You mean like the distance and angle from Hall of Mirrors to Trianon equals the distance and angle from Capitol to White House?
Not exactly. The latter is somewhat magnified.
a purposeful walk
during the thick of reenactment season
through a space-time continuum
a week later
"I notice within one of the side chapels is the chair used by Pope John Paul II while he was in Philadelphia 1979. Since no one else was around and the railing to the chapel was only 2 feet tall, I decided to go sit in the chair myself. I found those few seconds sitting to be quite intense, so I got up quickly because otherwise I would have gotten way too comfortable."

2011.02.17 13:23
the path with the least risk
paper architecture not risky?

The Most Obvious Path
Does anyone know the definition of "the most obvious path to the realisation of a building"?
Something (misparaphrased) tells me...
(1) architecture is illusory, and architecture is different from what we think it should be or what we would like it to be;
(2) society exacts from architecture dissimulation and falsehood;
(3) society often forces architecture to act in ways that are contrary to the architect's will (volition);
(4) if architecture is not conditioned by the forces of society, then it is certainly conditioned by [the architect's] unconscious forces, which defeat the presumption of architecture's reason and logic;
(5) therefore, we do not have just one obviousness and one path, but many;
(6) and this is so because architecture is a continuous flux; because the conceptual forms of architecture are but attempts to stop this flux at the decisive moment they do not hold but, rather, reveal architecture for what it really is--merely a mask.
Or perhaps architecture is an actor that plays the role of architecture. Architecture uses reflection as a mirror, a mirror of reflection, the mirror of a mirror mirroring the mirror of another mirror.
"And may eternal wrest be granted unto you."
2011.02.18 12:49
"Decimating much 20th-century architecture, Koolhaas rejected the modernity, which, as he put it: 'has established itself with a certain obviousness in the minds of people: that modernity that contains an embarrassing fetish for light, air and hygiene; that modernity that has a painful inability to establish any meaningful relationships with the past; or that modernity that always uses, with relentless insistence, the alibi of social utility as its reason for being.' Obviously when these deletions to architecture are made, the stock of modernism is much reduced."
-GB, 1981

2011.02.17 13:01
Generic Architecture
the myth

the reality

hope floats

15021701 Bldg 9594p @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i71
15021702 Bldg 9594q @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i72
15021703 Bldg 9594r @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i73
15021704 Bldg 9594s @ GAUA 1100x550   2429i74

15021701   BIG   Danish Recycling Center

20021701   atypdiptych ploys half plans   2489i03
20021702   Pantheon plus half plans   2489i04
20021703   Minerva Medica plus half plans   2489i05
20021704   Tempietto plus half plans   2489i06
20021705   St. Peter's Basilica plus half plans   2489i07
20021706   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen model site model   2226i44




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