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2009.02.17 07:58
Bilocation Syndrome
The delegation from India brought along a paradigm of Sanchi.
Augustus saw it and said "I'm to be buried like that."
And he was.
Then full house, hence Hadrian's bust out.
The huntress Diana came from MADxMAD garden to preside over the virtual pool of Nympheum Neronis. "New York is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there."
knock knock
who's there?
instead of a telegram, read a novel
but I was expecting Dora Nobb!
Here a Versailles, there a Versailles, everywhere a Versailles, sigh.
You mean like the distance and angle from Hall of Mirrors to Trianon equals the distance and angle from Capitol to White House?
Not exactly. The latter is somewhat magnified.
a purposeful walk
during the thick of reenactment season
through a space-time continuum
a week later
"I notice within one of the side chapels is the chair used by Pope John Paul II while he was in Philadelphia 1979. Since no one else was around and the railing to the chapel was only 2 feet tall, I decided to go sit in the chair myself. I found those few seconds sitting to be quite intense, so I got up quickly because otherwise I would have gotten way too comfortable."

2009.02.13 08:24
pragmatists turning political?
Is any of what you wrote closely related to "architecture as delivery of content"?
Are there architectures that perform assimilatingly? metabolically? osmotically? electro-magnetically? ultra-frequently?
ars ludi

2009.02.12 10:44
pragmatists turning political?

Is not "Politics of the Envelope" more about how certain different building envelope configurations perform? The "politics" lies in the performance, and it is within the power of the architect to consciously design envelopes that perform well.
The indexicality is acute in that political envelopes execute performance, and not just represent 'power'.

2009.02.09 10:25

2009.02.06 10:08
Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
"...the question about whether that particular research is still relevant to this particular generation."
"why do we like when old ads are painted on the sides of buildings - and try to protect them - but wouldn't allow them now? why would we protect/grandfather a huge neon when we are disallowing similar sized led displays?"
"the name of the exhibition was spelled out in those plastic letters above the entry to the gallery, in the gorgeous grand entry hall of the museum."
[I'd say] Museification sometimes "has a way of nostalgically applying aesthetic qualities that were not present in the origin."
It is becoming more clear what Agamben means by "everything today can become a Museum, because this term simply designates the exhibition of an impossibility of using, of dwelling, of experiencing."
The antidote then may well be to simply use museums. And in that sense, the Lieb House has now been museified, but, if and when it reaches its ultimate destination, it will then be used as a guest house.

2009.02.05 17:12
Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)

1974 peeling wall detail as precursor of Gehry's later pliancy?

2009.02.05 11:43
Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
There was never any implication that the Lieb House and the Villa Savoye were to be compared in terms of design, importance or influence. Rather, both buildings are examples of modern houses that have undergone a change in context via museumification.
And now going on to another dossier--the influence (back in the day) of Venturi et al on Gehry.

2009.02.02 15:57
Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
Lost and Losterer
Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt wanted me to design her a Master Bath that she could occasionally open to the pub[l]ic. I suggested something like this:

"What Sphinx in here?"

2009.02.02 15:09
Venturi's Lieb House (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
What may be lingering in the background is the notion that the Lieb House was somehow site-specific, and now, without its site, that building is thus diminished. I'd say the Lieb House was/is much more generic than site-specific. And that is where its historical significance comes from--a thoughtful modern design in the generic idiom.




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