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Unthinking an Architecture


various ideas, projects, etc.
..."curate" exhibitions within the museum models in Quondam's collection... ...even alter the museums. least one "show" of virtual sculpture for sure, i.e., extruded and mesh surfaces.

various ideas, projects, etc.
Curate exhibitions of work (both real and virtual) within the museum models in Quondam's collection. ...can even alter the museums.
The introduction to Museum as Muse is very good... ...write an essay as to being actively "artistic" with regard to museums--even created museums. Museum as Muse is perfect for Unthinking an Architecture. Damisch's "A Very Special Museum" also needs addressing in terms of Quondam as a virtual museum of architecture.
Not sure where Somewhat Incompletely Louis I. Kahn goes, probably in UaA/Remove...
...the "bombastic piece" series; this is continued within the notion of curating exhibits, i.e., "playing the pre-shrine curator," within the virtual museums. This puts a real different slant on how the shows/works come together. ...make 3d models of the works... ...Whitemarsh Hall and its grounds. Incompletely Kahn is in this as well (as in the cad models in the cad model museums).
There is a strong similarity between Whitemarsh Hall and the final House for Schinkel.

"slapdash" architectural publications
...easily generate provocative architectural works (via html). Unthinking an Architecture may be the best vehicle just to get things moving. ....approach each work as a work of art.

many architectural publications
...put all the data into a series of architectural publications. The documentations will be treated like magazines where a variety of topics and subjects are featured. ...another area of content will come from simply playing with the data.
...somewhat like Quaestio Abstrusa but with a lot more liberal linkages.
...the notion of using Unthinking an Architecture as the umbrella title...

Museum Collecting Point One: Monument Hysterique
Begin Unthinking an Architecture with "Atypical" which features unique ichnographic capabilities; the opportunity for play and unbridled creativity; the venue for a new slapdash Ichnographia (Campus Martius). ...what other themes and texts?... ...maybe 'new dexterity' as in doing (new) things atypically.

Unthinking an Architecture... a kind of fragmented puzzle.



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