21 July

1479 Maese Juan Agusti stopped directing the construction of the Cathedral of Gerona

1732 birth of James Adam

As to private business,--I shall get none. There are now building in this city two capital houses by the Fishers, who call themselves my friends. Do they employ me?--John Dorsey has now no less than 15 plans now in progress of execution, because he charges nothing or them. The public affront put upon me as a professional man, in the erection of the Academy of Art from the design of John Dorsey,--by a vote of all the men who pretend to patronize the arts in this city,--would have driven any artist from it...
--Benjamin Henry Latrobe, letter to Hazelhurst, 21 July 1806.

An Essay on Architecture
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Losing Face

Piranesi, Duchamp and Mustad
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one very Philadelphian daze
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Re: public democratic space an illusion
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Re: shining with like...
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Demolition vs. Restoration
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Verb: Featured Discussion
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bored with modern & contemporary, yet?
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I smell a Vorläufer
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Suggestions on destroying earth
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The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
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2015.07.21 13:21     3311m
2015.07.21 15:33     3311m 3775aa
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started labyrinth @ q3551
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placing Pantheon Paradigm adjacent NNTC
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Kazuyo Sejima   Ochoquebradas House   Los Vilos

2005.07.21 18:14
Demolition vs. Restoration
I know that demolition of many 1960s and 1970s buildings is inevitable, but, with the ease of digital photography today, these buildings should at least be preserved with lots and lots of images. In many ways, I see the concrete hulks of the 60s and 70s as a rare moment in architectural history, and such sentiment probably won't be popular until most of them are gone.

07072101 Domestic Museum Villa Stein de Monzie model   2370i05   b
07072102 Domestic Museum La Villette Housing model   2370i06   b
07072103 Domestic Museum Villa Savoye model   2370i07   b
07072104 Domestic Museum Houses Under a Common Roof model   2370i08   b
07072105 Domestic Museum House for Schinkel model   2370i09   b
07072106 Domestic Museum Gooding Trice House model   2370i10   b
07072107 Domestic Museum House 10: Museum model   2370i11   b
07072108 Domestic Museum House of Shadows Bye model   2370i12   b

08072101 Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti model development   2195i01

09072101 ICM existing plans aligned with scan plans   2419i21
09072102 ICM Domus Pincii Via Flaminia scan plans   2419i22

11072101 Governor's Palace plans elevations scans (reduced by .9112)   2177i17   b


15072101 Dresdner Bank Amnis District models   223ci14 b   c  

15072101   Kazuyo Sejima   Ochoquebradas House   Los Vilos

16072101 IQ58/13 Karastan plans   3392vv52
16072102 IQ58/14 Karastan plans   3392vv53
16072103 IQ58/15 Karastan Ottopia Palace of Versailles UNEP Headquarters plans   3392vv54
16072104 IQ58/16 Ottopia Great Pyramid Palace of Versailles UNEP Headquarters plans   3392vv55

17072101 Schizophrenic Folds within Pantheon Paradigm plans   2307i31   b
17072102 surface models work   2462i03

18072101 Domestic Museum IQ61 plans   2477i03

19072101 Villa Savoye Vanna Venturi House site plans plans elevations   2156i27

21072101   Meier @ iq47 New Atheneum iq47s7.8.11.12 plans   249ei01
21072102   Meier @ iq47 Smith House Saltzman House Grotta Residence Ulm Stadhaus Barcelona MoCA Jubilee Church New Atheneum plans models opaque   249ei02




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