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2009.10.27 14:45
Really, what boundaries have you pushed?
Just went to one of the local branches of the Free Library, a 1960 building very much inspired by the buildings of IIT (I'll have to take pictures some day). Anyway, while the other was looking through the CD collection, I browsed the new fiction section and unexpectedly found...
So far it looks very interesting, inspirational even.

2009.10.27 21:00
Another Rem
Elia Zenghelis is also creditied as designer of the Parc de la Villette competition project.

2009.10.27 10:34
Proposal out- nothing back
Next time put a reasonable expiration date on the proposal.

2009.10.27 10:23
Really, what boundaries have you pushed?
The first time I went to Chicago I took my bike, but I didn't take any map.
It was late summer 1978, and going from Perry, MO to Chicago for the weekend. Sunday morning left the downtown hotel and biked down to IIT and then to the Robie House and then over to the Lake Shore and then biked all the way along the Lake up to Oak Street Beach and took a dip in the Lake and then it was time to drive back to Missouri. Saw twin rainbows in the Illinois sky on the way 'home'.

2009.10.26 10:25
Really, what boundaries have you pushed?

Vatican Psycho (1972)

American Psycho (1991/2000)
decisions, decisions (everyday)

I like the incidental box and blob architecture all over the floor.
Now imagine it's 1963 and you're seven years old and this is one of your favorite television shows.
See, there's an answer for everything.

2009.10.25 11:30
Really, what boundaries have you pushed?
Might we then conclude that passive is common, and active is uncommon?

2009.10.25 10:11
Really, what boundaries have you pushed?
Might we conclude that pushing boundaries is uncommon, and muddling-through, (drunken) rage, and even pretense are common?
Does pushing boundaries a least require a metabolic (destructive/creative, challenging/advancing) imagination?

2009.10.23 15:10
Really, what boundaries have you pushed?
...it's not clear what you mean. Is the rollercoaster a boundary? Or is riding the rollercoaster an experience of pushing boundaries?
food for thought:
Writing in a language never fully his own, Kafka pushes that language further and further in the direction of his own deterritorialization, to the point where it shakes free all literariness, taking on a concrete but strange--surreal? hyperreal?--materiality. Deleuze and Guattari actually characterize Kafka's mode of writing as a "new sobriety." They contrast the rigorous strangeness of his form of literary enunciation with the esoteric and kabbalistic mysticism of Max Brod, his friend and fellow Czech-Jewish writer, the latter attempting to effect a symbolic reterritorialization by artificially enriching the appropriated German language with arcane signifiers. Likewise, citing the parallel instance of two Irish writers, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, Deleuze and Guattari compare Joyce's excessive, polyglot Irish-English with Beckett's parsimonious English and French: "The former never stops operating by exhilaration and overdetermination and brings about all sorts of worldwide reterritorializations. The other proceeds by dryness and sobriety, a willed poverty, pushing deterritorialization to such an extreme that nothing remains but intensities.
We happen to be fundamentally interested in challenging and advancing typologies. So from day one we were much more interested in "OK, this has to be a flexible theater. What does that mean? How do we do that? How do we make that happen.

2009.10.21 12:08
Really, what boundaries have you pushed?

And the Laszlo Toth Award for Pushing Boundaries goes to...




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