what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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2006.07.12 08:57
Are my eyes deceiving me?
After reading "...and while some talked of hot air balloons soaring over summer skies, others talked of golf balls and fungi...," I thought of something I'd forgotten.

2005.12.08 14:37
serpentOMA's pavillion


Last night, Artistic Reinvention in Architecture became the lastest addition to the Working Title Museum. It's about the workings of reenactment and memory in architecture--there will be a chapter on how architects are often most inspired by that which they likewise choose to most ignore, for sure.
Remember this?
2005.12.09 16:13
Check this firm out
Schachtel Architektur

2006.07.11 13:35
Thread Central
Read (the reality of being) sleepless in Brussels, and then think a little about reenactionary architecturism. It won't cure your loneliness, but at least you'll be sure you're not the only one.

2006.07.07 16:24
Joshua Prince-Ramus
surprise surprise

2006.07.07 15:27
Municipalities of the World
Vollmaringen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
Michael Mußigmann, one of my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers, was mayor of Vollaringen around the middle of the 18th century. He died on Halloween, 1759.

Why am I not surprised that Vollmaringen still has a Jester Guild?

2006.07.07 15:15
Joshua Prince-Ramus
"serious betterness" indeed!

2006.07.07 14:42
Joshua Prince-Ramus
I know, I know. It should really boil down to this, shouldn't it?

I wish I had lots and lots of money so I could hire a publicist and advance architecture. Alas, I only have a virtual fortune, but still capable of advancing architecture, nonetheless...
2001.07.01 11:12
Piranesi Campo Marzio in 2 states
Dear John Wilton-Ely:
After spending over ten year redrawing Piranesi's Ichnographia Campi Martii utilizing CAD, I finally (on 14 May, 1999) went to the University of Pennsylvania's Fine Arts Library to see an original Ichnographia. I had been using a poster of the Ichnographia as the source of my redrawing, but I never saw an original of the large plan. To my astonishment, I found that the plan that I had been used to looking at, and indeed the plan as it is most often published, e.g., in your The Complete Etchings, is distinctly different in certain areas than the plan within the U of P's original Campo Marzio tome. I had documented the differences in April 2000, and published the differences online at www.quondam.com.
My question to you is whether anyone else has, to your knowledge, discovered that the Ichnographia Campus Martius has two states. I have yet to come across any such record. In fact, the only reference that comes close is within your The Complete Etchings, where, within the "List of G.B. Piranesi's Published Works," by Arthur M. Hind, there is noted a later(?) edition of the Campo Marzio in Thomas Ashby's collection that has only Italian text. It would be interesting to see whether the Ichnographia within Ashby's copy is of the first or second state.
I am not going to disclose here what and where the differences within the Ichnographia are, but I will say that the plan as most often published is not the original plan. At this point, I am personally satisfied in having 'discovered' the two states of the Ichnographia, but, since I am not an academic, I am not in a position to further research when the plan was altered, nor who altered the plan, nor even why the plan was altered (-- although I do have some preliminary theories). Answers to those questions might be something you could investigate. In any case, it appears The Complete Etchings is just a tad shy of being truly complete.
Sincerely yours,
Stephen Lauf

2006.07.07 14:28
Joshua Prince-Ramus
This just gets funnier and funnier.

pest control with discipline, talent and desire, I'm sure.

2006.07.07 12:47
Joshua Prince-Ramus
As Jim Williams used to say, "Just make sure you piss off the right people."

2006.07.07 12:41
Joshua Prince-Ramus
alright people, this is continually cracking me up -
it's so much fun to see what pisses people off.
"In the future, everyone will piss for 15 minutes."

2006.07.06 16:40
Quote about bankers wearing togas
Hail Non Sequitur!
The Greek temple was the real model for banking in the "New Democracy", you know, the American life. Dressed in King of Prussia marble, no less.




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