Encyclopedia Ichnographica     2500

Pyramis     2901
Pyramis     2902
Pyramis Scipionis Africani     2903

pyrus : a pear, a pear-tree

Quirinus, Quirini     2904

reconstruction     2905
reconstruction in 3-D     2906
redrawing     2907 2907a 2907b 2907c 2907d 2907e 2907f
redrawing history     2908
reenactment     2909 2909a 2909b 2909c

regia : a royal palace, castle, fortress, residence, the court

Repagulum natationis     2911

repostoria : a repository
Repositoria Currum Militarium     2912
Repositorium Machinarum Bellicarum     2913

Romulus     2914

rostratus : a column erected in the Forum, to commemorate the naval victory of Duilius in the first Punic war, which was adorned with the beaks of the conquered vessels

Rossi, Aldo     2915

Sacellum Sangi     291a
Sacellum Solis     2916

Saint Peter's Basilica     2917 2917a 2917b

salientes : springs, fountains
salinae : salt-works, salt pits
Salustiani : Crispus Sallustius, a grand-nephew of the historian, famed for his great wealth. The Sallustiani horti are named after him

satire     2918 2918a

scaena: the stage, boards, scene of a theater

scale, comparative     2919

Scenographia     2921

Schinkel, Karl Friedrich     2922

scholae : a place for learned conversation or instruction, a place of learning, a school
Schola Poetarum     2923

Scipio : the name of a celebrated family in the gens Cornelia, the most famous members of which were the two conquerors of the Cathaginians, P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus major, in the second, and P. Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus Africanus minor, in the third Punic war
scorpius : a military engine for throwing darts, stones, and other missles, a scorpion

Scully, Vincent     2924

Senaculum Mulierum     2925

Senatulum     292a

sepes ferrea : an iron fence

septa : fence, enclosure, wall, etc. large enclosed place in the Campus Martius, where people assembled to vote, and where were many handsome shops
Septa Julia     2926
Septa Trigaria     2927

sepulchra: a burial-place, grave, tomb, sepulchre
Sepulchra     2928
Sepulchra adjacent the Porticus Neronianae     2929
Sepulchra Familiae Domitiorum     2931
Sepulchrum Familiae Domitiorum     2932
Sepulchra Libertorum et Servorum     2933
Sepulchra Libertorum et Servorum Caesarum     2934
Sepulchra Virorum Illustrium     2935
Sep. Aemilii Primopilar     2936
Sep. Agrippae     2937
Sep. Ann. Galli     2938
Sep. Ant. Flaviliae     2939
Sep. Ant. Natalis     2941
Sep. Apidii Merulos     2942
Sep. App. Cl. Sab.     2943
Sep. Aquiliae     2944
Sep. Batylli     2945
Sep. Caelij Sabini     2946
Sep. Caij Lecanii     2947
Sep. Caij Norbani     2948
Sep. Calvii Sabini     2949
Sep. Caninii Rebilli     2951
Sep. Carinatis Celeris     2952
Sep. Celsi Marij     2953
Sep. Cervarij Proculi     2954
Sep. Cn. Cominii     2955
Sep. Cnei Domitii Calvini     2956
Sep. Cnei Lentuli     2957
Sep. Curtij Attici     2958
Sep. Domitij Balbi     2959
Sepulchr. Familiae Aenobarb.     2960
Sep. Fausti Nigri     2961
Sep. F. qui. L. Veri     2962
Sep. Fulv. Aurelii     2963

Sepulch. Granii Maricelli     2964
Sepulchrum Hadriani     2965 2965a 2965b
Sep. Helvii Prisci     2966
Sepulchrum Hirti et Pansae Consulum     296a
Sepulchr. Honorij Imp.     2967 2967a
Sep. Hordeonii Flacci     2968
Sepulch. Juliae fil. C. Caesaris     2969
Sep. Julii Caesaris et Drusi     2970
Sep. Julii Mansueti     2971
Sep. Junii Rustici     2972
Sep. Lainii Pandi     2973
Sep. Lelii Balbi     2974
Sepulc. Luc. Calpurniae     2975
Sep. Lucij Cornisicij     2976
Sep. Lucij Pisonij     2977
Sep. Lucilii Longi     2978
Sep. M. Lollij     2979
Sep. Mamerci Scauri     2981
Sep. Manl. Patritij     2982
Sep. Marci Bruti Senionis     2983
Sep. Marci Lepidi     2984
Sep. Mariae Honorij Congiig     2985 2985a 2985b
Sepulchrum Neronis     2986
Sep. Paradis     2987
Sep. Publij Minidii     2988
Sepulc. Q. Haterii     2989
Sep. Quintilii     2990
Sep. Severi Cecinae     2991
Sepulch. Syllae     299a
Sep. Titi. Manl.     2992
Sep. Ulpij Martial Augusti Libert     2993
Sep. Valentis     2994
Sep. Viunij Valentis     2995

Seripis, Serapidis : a chief divitiy of the Egyptians, subsequently worshipped also in Greece and Rome

sexual connotations     2996

sessorium : a place of residence, a dwelling, habitation
Sessorium     2997

silva : a wood, forest, woodland; a plantation of trees, an orchard, a grove; a growth or crop of other plants, bush, foliage, etc.

simulacum : a likeness, imafe, form, representation, semblance; of images formed by art, esp. of statues of gods, an image, figure, portrait, effigy, statue, etc.

Signa Moenium Aurelianensium     299b

Singh, Rupinder     2998

Solarium     2999

Spes : a Roman divinity who had several temples in Rome
spoliarium : a place in the amphitheater where the clothes were striped from the slain gladiators who were dragged thither




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