3 September

1516 letter from Sir Thomas More to Erasmus     3762

1777 Louis-Jean Desprez arrived in Rome

1851 reopening of the chapel of the château of Anet
1874 death of Sir John Rennie

introduction - personal motivation
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history of hypersurface architecture in Philadelphia
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Re: Muschamp and Gehry
2000.09.03 12:12

re: collision architectures
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Frei Otto and Free Otto Architectures
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Cathedral of Tyre 314?
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architectural otherness
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film-a-rchitecture - thesis
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Palais Imperial de Dolma Baghtche
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fashion tip (of the iceberg)
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When Is the Talent Portion of the Contest?
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2026 Vision?
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something akin to a novel coming together
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2014.09.03     3713k

You never forget your first love: An ode to John Portman
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Sou Fujimoto   House of Hungarian Music   Budapest

Atelier Deshaus   Long Museum West Bund   Shanghai

Herzog & de Meuron   56 Leonard   New York

letter to Erasmus
"I'm sending you my nowhere, which is nowhere well written" and including a prefatory poem that points out, "The Ancients called me Utopia or Nowhere because of my isolation. . . . Deservedly ought I to be called by the name of Eutopia or Happy Land."


2000.09.03 12:12
Re: Muschamp and Gehry
...recently found the attached image within Quondam's collection (of letters sent to Stephen Lauf) germane to recent architectural proposals for the south Manhattan coastline, reenactment, prophecy, and even a bit of inverted nimiety.

020903a Princeton Memorial Park tower Gooding House   2207i05   b

1. working title: All Within Hadrian's Limits. A narrative non-fiction story of Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius. The idea is to start writing with all the Hadrian related material: mother/son, Antoninus, Bustum, etc.
2. cut & paste museum: create a model of all the complete models; a "riff" off Gehry's so far unpublished (PMA) design.
3. create a Hejduk House 15 model using the pieces of Wall House 2.

2009.09.03 12:00
Palais Imperial de Dolma Baghtche
[The account of Hamann's subsequent relationship with Kant, where the latter was engaged by Hamman's quondam employer in Riga to bring the reborn religious enthusiast back to the path of reason, is the stuff of the very best historical novels.]
As if by divine chance, the next chapter (this morning) is entitled: Spectacles and Eyes to See With: Two cultures in philosophy. Operations within a surgical double theater, indeed.
malpractice case Cambridge 1992
the Derrida affair
They [Ayrs and Bataille] met in a Parisian bar in 1951, with Merleau-Ponty.
who are they?

and was it on purpose that their mirror image is what appears in this chapter?
then again, upon reflection
"I believe in spectacles, but I think eyes are necessary too."
no C.P. Snow daze. know sleepy snow days.
finally Cosmopolis.

2009.09.03 13:11
fashion tip (of the iceberg)
It was the "post-mortem discourse" that rekindled the vertigo of the mélange. The thought was post-modernism as still life.
But the strange fascination of still life, isn't it also a fiction? Or indeed an ethereal necrophilia?
--The Man without Qualities
The only gesture possible would seem to be stillness, what "in painting is called Stilleben (still life), or in other languages... natura morta (dead nature)."
Life is magically arrested in its impermanence: "objects, animals, plants, landscapes and human bodies frozen into stillness by the magic of art," in a sort of "demonical" mystery.
The world itseld seems to be suspended in an unending instant, in a landscape like the "sixth day of Creation, when God and the world were still alone, without men"
"It is extraordinarily simple, but also very odd," says Ulrich.

"We have found many contrived answers," says Ulrich, "but we have overlooked th simplest: that both may have the intention and the capacity to take everything of which they have experience only as Gleichnis" And "every Gleichnis is ambivalent for the intellect, but for the feeling it is univocal;" and therefore it should be possible to experience "as oneness that which be common estimate is twofold."
"In that instant there occurred to Ulrich the idea of a state of life in which the being here was Gleichnis of the being there, and the impossible experience of being a person with two distinct bodies might lose the thorn of its impossibility."
Gleichnis is never Gleichheit.
--overall Franco Rella
He found Renfrew in a hectic mood, as close to desperation as Lew could recall.
... Lew had the sudden certitude that right now in Göttingen some bilocational Lew was asking Werfner the same question...]
"magnigicent chaos of the museum"

13090301 Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes conference room plan fix   2216i04
13090302 Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes plan redrawing   2216i05
13090303 novel architecturale plan set started   206fi03

14090301 NeuHaus 10 der Künste plans   2435i03
14090302 NeuHaus 10 der Künste plans   2435i04

14090301   Atelier Deshaus   Long Museum West Bund   Shanghai

15090301   Villa Appositional model   2425i05

15090301   Herzog & de Meuron   56 Leonard   New York

18090301 Notre Dame du Haut plan work   217ui07

18090301   Sou Fujimoto   House of Hungarian Music   Budapest




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