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contents of the working title museum

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960815 Non Ici     971226 Redrawing the Ichnographia of G.B. Piranesi's Il Campo Marzio     980115 "Life, Death, and the Triumphal Way"     980208 "Aldo Rossi and the Axis of Death"     980219 "Mistakes and Inversions: A Prefatory Review"     980219 "Redrawing and ReŽnacting"     980318 The Infinite Collection of Quondam     980321 "Via Villa d'Este"     980405 "Piranesi's Campo Marzio: from beginning to end"     980423 "Piranesi's Theme Park"     980522 "location, location, location"     980707 "Fathoming the Unfathomable"     980714 "Piranesi in the Garden of Satire"     980916 "Learning More from Las Vegas"     980921 Learning from Lauf (vague) S.     981030 "Mr. Mysterious Pyramid"     981030 "from: artificial oasis, to: thriving artificial oasis, re: missed lessons from Las Vegas"     981113 "Bumping into the Magna Carta"     981116 "houses of multiple personalities"     981116 "houses of many voices"     981116 "city morphs"     981123 "Opening a Door on Rykwert"     990125 Ichnographia Ottopia     990125 The Architecture of Fashion     990209 Electromagnetism in the Body     990331 Zeitgeist: the body, the imagination, and architecture     990523 "Theorizing the Metabolic"     990611 Casa (vague) S.     990704 1997     990707 "Virtual Participation"     990710 Attempting Virtual Place     990818     990825 Virtually Carved in Stone     990916 The Generic: a support system     990923 Equinoctial Augury     990925 REMOVE     000123 Coming Apart at the Seamless     000123 Imaginations, Zeitgeists and Architectures     000321 "The Intentions of Ludwig II"     000405 "Overall, One Very Piranesian Daze"     000405 "architectural body talk"     000528 Well Beyond the Piranesian Point of No Return     000602 Signs of Helena Augusta     000712 Chinese Food City     000807 "Eutropian Bonding"     000816 "Las Vegas for Dummies"     000818 000831 Bustum Busti     000831 The Complex Ugliness of Ordinary Contradictions, maybe     000925 "The Modernization of Classical Antiquity"     001002 The Architecture of Virtual Eventuality     001102 [a] vangardist reports     001114 Quondam Eventualities     00127 Quondam Wavelengths     010106 The Metabolic Aesthetic     010205 Hyper Architectourism     010205 Hypersize     010801 The Fineprint of Fantasies     010912 PRND12 [Driving Architecture]     011225 Piranesi and Death Disposals     020121 Augustacopia     020226 being/virtual     020301 A Paperless Theory and Practice Imagination     021009 Somewhat Incompletely Piranesi     021121 Obscuranti of Olney     021213 The Decline of the Whiskey Empire     021229 Eutropian Theories     030124 Bombastic Piece     030124 030203 Mod Architecture     030203 buildings that move(d)     030224 Apostate Architecture     030405 Schinkel is not Goya and Lauf is not the Chapmans     030515 Learning from Early Kahn Philadelphia     030521 Outside Inside Density     031004 Clipped Architecture     031011 031127 Undesigning Oblivion     031216 From Ottopia to Bottomopolis     030313 The Architecture of Taxation     040419 The Tragically Hip Mysteries     040419 040425 "a moldy paper on mildew"     040428 Le Corbusier Goes to Wildwood     040508 "The Marriage of Twisted and Column"     040514 "Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism"     040529 Rewired     040530 My Favorites of the Campo Marzio     040611 "The History of Terrorism in Film"     040624 So-Called Architecturism     040830 Architecture of the Divided States of America     "Architecture of the Imagination"     041124 Leaving Obscurity Behind     041216 Romaphilia     041219 Porticus Circulus Quadratum     050303 Welcome to Suburbobliviopolis     050307 I've never seen the Elgin Marbles, but...     050324 When a real house isn't enough, go virtual     050524 Extreme Makeover: Vatican III Edition     050616 Rita Novel This Sontag     070730 Towards a Squeezed-Out Architecture     070730 The Architect Came Twice     070730 One Size Fits All     070730 Latrobe of the Capitol     071017 The Journal of Artificial Parameters     080905 "Ur-Geo-Mimicry"     080910 "It seems I prefer architecture profaned" Reenacted     080911 Coming Apart at the Seamless: dissecting architecture's superficiality    

1996.08.15     about the Virtual Museum of Architecture     The notion of a virtual museum of architecture is a true product of our time. Computer Aided Design (CAD) modeling, the cutting edge technology of Virtual Reality, and the asseccibility of the Internet make it now possibly to study, analyse and eventually even ďvisitĒ those buildings that have never been built as well as those buildings that no longer exist. Non Ici (Latin for ďnot thereĒ) is a new virtual museum of architecture--perhaps the first--and is based on a core collection of CAD models, construction of which began in 1987. As of 1996, Non Iciís digital collection consists of over thirty individual models of primarily 20th century unbuilt buildings, a massing model of Center City Philadelphia, a substantial portion of Piranesiís plan of the Campo Marzio, and hundreds of digital drawing files (plans, elevations, axonometrics, perspectives) derived from the core data.     Projects on the museumís agenda:     01. Piranesiís Campo Marzio     02. Le Corbusierís Palais des Congres     03. Stirlingís art of interpretation     04. Giurgola and geometry     05. Religious buildings of Kahn     06. Venturi and Rauchís Canton, Ohio     07. Houses under a common roof     08. The architectural promenade     09. Seroux redux     10. Scale and Architecture     11. unbuilt Chandigarh     12. Schinkelís Berlin     13. The Danteum     14. Kahnís Governmental complex for West Paki     15. unique and unbuilt domestic architecture     16. VSBAís Frankfurt museum     17. unbuilt Arquitectonica     18. late Le Corbusier     19. any unbuilt Kahn     20. any unbuilt Stirling     21. any unbuilt Corbu     22. any unbuilt Venturi, Scott Brown

the working title musuem
... write an architectural novel entitled "the working title museum". ...all the titles and something about them. ...there could be images/plans too.



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