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a book entitled Not There
Not There: the phenomenology of a virtual museum of architecture. ...the vehicle to exploit all the models in completely experimental manners purely for the intention of demonstrating what kind of experimentation can actually be done.
phenomenology d Husserlian philosophy : a discipline endeavoring to lay foundations for all sciences by describing the formal structures of phenomenon or of both actual and possible material essences that are given through a suspension of the natural attitude in pure acts of intuition.

Towards a New Dexterity
...the perfect vehicle for expressing all the ideas regarding computers, CAD, art, and architecture. encompasses the whole thinking and way of operating which started in 1983 (Intergraph and CAD) . . . also means starting with the venture into creating art as well.
The precision of CAD and thus the new freedom of the hand that used to draft.
The new capabilities brought by CAD--scale/rotation manipulation, patterning, 3D, hidden-line, multi scales, multi “originals.”
C. Tomkins’ New Yorker article on manual skill.
Venturi’s megative critique of CAD.
poetry squared - new dexterity in creative writing
The Le Corbusier quotation.
The hand is literally quicker than the eye.
Drawing with light.
Freedom in choice--colors, fonts, text size.
computer paint/photo packages
different x, y (& z) scales for all digital material
the non-linear use of hand-held scanners
playing with CAD models
laser printing on all kinds of media
cut and paste
scanning in general
crazy use of architecture specific CAD drawing commands
crazy quick (3-D) sketch plans
html as self publishing
drawing and designing in zero gravity
Perhaps my own personal inspiration re: dexterity, comes from Schinkel and Piranesi (and Michelangelo to some extent), it is their dexterity and tremendous output that I admire the most, and most wich to emulate via the new technology that created the new dexterity. Exploit the new possibilities to their extreme, especially using the various mediums in unorthodox ways.
I just realized that copyright and copyright infringement is going to be one of the topics within the essay/book.

Redrawing History

Life, Death, and the Triumphal Way

D.A.T.A. - Department of Architectural Theory Annexation

Continual Mistakes and Inversions

"The arbors of Arbor Street"   3950

Inside the Density of G.B. Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius

Virtually Carved in Stone

Coming Apart at the Seamless

Better Late Antiquity Than Never

Imaginations :: Zeitgeists :: Architectures

[Signs of] Otherwise Eyes

Re: Architectural theories, again
What makes some architecture good and some bad?
When it comes to extremes, I think of Christ when he said (and I'm here paraphrasing) "be either hot or cold, for if you're luke warm I'll vomit you out of my mouth." Mediocrity, it appears, is the worst of all, and I believe that goes for architecture as well. The good and the bad are both acceptable (and indeed to be "learned from"). Knowing mediocrity, then, complements and enhances the knowing ("making") of "good" and "bad".
Please tell me I didn't just inadvertanty propose Learning from Mediocrity!

Overall, One Very Piranesian Daze

Beyond the Piranesian Point of No Return

Buddha Tooth or Guru 2 U2

new books
Diptych: architecture and thinking twice. ...a more spontaneous creative book, a “slap-dash” manner. ...the web page layout which itself is a diptych.
...his thesis being inspired by an implied diptych and thus leading me to think about the implied diptychs of Annunciation paintings.
...the notion of (ab)using the model collection to generate new buildings, perhaps always a combination--hybrid-ing--of two different buildings at a time.
...perhaps changing Diptych to Duplicity.   3755

The Architecture of Being [FOG]

Diptych: architecture and thinking twice
The next step will be to conceptualize what kinds of images will also be in Diptych. Of course, many (if not most) will be cad drawings, and I'm straight off thinking that I want to create all kinds of new "buildings" via collage, mesh surfaces, rotation extrusions, design developments.

Quondam Ludi

Eutropian Bonding

Welcome to the Hotel Anecdotal

Learning from Lacunae

Towards a New Product Placement

The Nimiety of Architecture: An Abundance of Redundance in Architectural Education, Theory and Practice

The Complex Ugliness of Ordinary Contradictions, maybe

2000.09.01 12:51
Re: PBL Knowledge
Anyone here on the list read that new book entitled The Architecture of Nimiety: An Abundance of Redundance in Architectural Education, Theory And Practice?
I heard conflicting reports that it is either exactly 197 words long, or 197 pages long, or 197 chapters long. One critic hailed it as "a monument to déjà vu all over again, absolute proof that what comes around is usually what was missed the first few times it came around."

Unthinking an Architecture

Atypical Plan

The Modernization of Classical Antiquity

Architecture's Duchamp.
The ongoing (progressive) history of the circle-square juncture.
A digital collage architecture publication...
The Architecture of Virtual Eventuality
being [an] architectur[al] Duchamp . . . living in a large 3D painting, in a hyper painting, being in a hyperzone, within an environment of many unknown factors . . . "the working title museum" . . . how people will buy their art and architecture in the future . . . Rita Novel Tea [room] - a book of cult fiction . . .

Subsequent Steps: The Architecture of Reënactment

AD[vocating] PUBLICITY
I went to the store and asked how much authenticity cost?
The attendant laughed and asked exactly what authenticity was I looking for?
I said, "good, old-fashioned authenticity."
And the attendant said, "Oh, you mean like when the men that wrote 'all men are created equal under God' were the same men that owned several hundred slaves?"
I said, "Gosh, that sounds real expensive. Got anything affordable?"
"Yes," said the attendant, "there is an ongoing sale on authentic double standards. It's your basic two-for-one price."
After thinking a moment I answered, "You know what, I'll skip on the authenticity. Instead I'll buy that new book, Publi/City: Towards a new product placement. I think it's from some virtual publisher called Quondam."

Ordinary Complexity Minus Ugly Contradiction Outside Architecture

Quondam Notitiae
...Quondam Ideas, which would be a catalogue of all the project ideas had, but that don't necessarily become complete manifestations. ...wondered what the Latin word for idea was, and thus found notitia, notitiae. Interestingly, the first meaning of notitia is fame (as in notoriety) while idea, knowledge of, concept, notion are the second meanings.

Hyper Architecturism

...a "working title museum"--domain of all tentative works/ideas...

Reenactionary Architecturism

Quaestio Abstrusa 001
Quaestio abstrusa is the Latin for puzzle...

The Paradigm Shifting Architectures of Closely Related Imperials

Diptych: Architecture and Thinking Twice
w.q.c/diptych could be another subquondam and it could easily supercede /jpeg. The main theme could be the juxtaposition of images like “the metabolic aesthetic,” but even more it could continue and further develop what began with Ottopia and the dual marquees. ...lots of opportunity here to do a lot of experimental presentations using a vast variety of images and texts gotten from just about anywhere.
The prisons comparison would be a good place to start.

a museum of [someone's] shopping






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