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Unthinking an Architecture


Untypical Plan
In addition to Untypical Plan, I thought of NSEW as a book on untypical elevation.

UaA: atypical
...atypical better describes the generated plans. "Atypical" may work better as the title of vol. 1 of UaA, thus replacing "remove."

The German translation of atypical means to "deviate from the rule or standard" and this is exactly the scheme and even the motif employed throughout Atypical. (2000.10.09: ...redo of the Campo Marzio could be named Ichnographia Atypical in Latin.) In keeping with the "atypical" motif, still call out that the "remove" theme was the first choice, and use all the "remove" material" as well. The notion of remove is the perfect segue into lacunae.
Atypical explains the employment of new dexterity and the "aesthetic" of quick and easy arbitrariness in design (with cad).

UaA: notes
Atypical gives UaA a developmental boost... ...UaA comprises a compilation of all existing texts (i.e., notes, letters, essays), images, databases. There will be new material, but whatever that is relies entirely on what the existing data calls for.



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