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2007.09.29 16:41
Readymades in Architecture?


2007.08.24 10:08
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
And on the notion of architecture as a religion, and given the sexual overtones throughout this thread, I began to wonder whether sex is a religion. And this morning I wondered if it was indeed sex that first sparked the idea of religion!
post...pick up some drugs at the market (but they didn't have the combination ground meat I wanted)...this post...breakfast and then off to take some flowers to the cemetery...
What is that Viennese building anyway?

2007.08.24 09:10
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
Subject: Re: PBL Knowledge
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 12:51:48 -0400
John wrote:
After about 3 months of this continuing professional education I feel completed rejuvenated and proud to be an architect. There is nothing better in the whole wide world, never has been, never will be. I can't believe I get paid so handsomely for doing something I would gladly do for love. And my clients and co-workers are angels, just perfect.
and Steve adds:
Yes, it is a wonderful world we live in (and abuse, but who cares as long as one makes contributions to Museumpeace, or is it Greenpeace that you're supposed to send money to?), and my new co-workers at www. quondam. com are truly un-believable. There's being [FOG], so talented, so created, (err, I mean creative), a leading specialist in architectural vaporware; and Rita Novel, literate to the max, a walking encyclopedia on 1980s magazines (when and where the 21st century really began); and finally, ultimately, the incomparable Dick Hertz, designer of future fashion, author of The Theory Masturbation of Fashion, Even.
Anyone here on the list read that new book entitled The Architecture of Nimiety: An Abundance of Redundance in Architectural Education, Theory and Practice? I heard conflicting reports that it is either exactly 197 words long, or 197 pages long, or 197 chapters long. One critic hailed it as "a monument to 'deja vu all over again', absolute proof that what comes around is usually what was missed the first few times it came around."

Subject: Re: market
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 13:23:56 -0400
Dick Hertz, "Mutual Market Jerking" in The Architecture of Nimiety: An Abundance of Redundance in Architectural Education, Theory and Practice (Philadelphia: www. quondam. com, Winter 2001).

Do I smell a forthcoming second edition?

Again, why did Plot split?
2007.08.23 18:04
Name that Architect and Building!!!
I'm still trying to figure out why WHAM! split up.

2007.08.23 17:09
Name that Architect and Building!!!
ok, something much newer...

...and I assume as yet unexecuted.

2007.08.23 17:03
Name that Architect and Building!!!
Miguel Fisac, Jorba Laboratories, Madrid, 1965-67.
Guess what, this is another on the Transformations. I told you that book was good.




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