atypical/content of a museum [of] otherness

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metabolizing the existing data
Data can be metabolized in a number of ways:
1. rescale plans and models at odd scales and rotations.
2. mix up all types of databases and drawings.
3. zany perspectives.
4. wireframe perspectives.
5. generate perspectives of 2-d data.
6. create new building models by combining just pieces of the models already available.

a book entitled Not There
Not There: the phenomenology of a virtual museum of architecture. ...the vehicle to exploit all the models in completely experimental manners purely for the intention of demonstrating what kind of experimentation can actually be done.
phenomenology d Husserlian philosophy : a discipline endeavoring to lay foundations for all sciences by describing the formal structures of phenomenon or of both actual and possible material essences that are given through a suspension of the natural attitude in pure acts of intuition.



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