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2009.09.21 14:58
MDRDV build a new bank headquarters!
It doesn't seem that display resolution really plays a vital roll here, in that voxelation in architecture is more the formal result rather than the process. What is important here is the 3D play of volume elements within a corresponding 3D grid.

2009.09.21 13:56
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
Has voxelation been used within the architectural lexicon before now?

2009.09.21 13:50
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
Although Plug-In City and Habitat share some formal aspects with the more recent "pixelated" examples, the prior emphasis on stacking cubic modules is different than the erosion of gridded, stacked slabs. The ubiquious floor-to-ceiling glass walls also add a distinction to the current genre.
Nonetheless, Plug-In City and Habitat have a place in the genealogy, and the spreading of their genes now may indeed manifest something retro.

2009.09.21 13:49 from sevensixfive
MDRDV build a new bank headquarters!
If it's 3D, they're called voxels (technically):

2009.09.21 12:14
MDRDV build a new bank headquarters!
In the OMA example, it was the notion of subtraction (from the typical monolithic, stacked office tower).
I'm familiar with 2D pixelization, but wonder how long 3D pixelization as been around as a form of image manipulation. It may well be the real inspiration for the OMA paradigm.

2009.09.21 11:42
MDRDV build a new bank headquarters!
...captive slaves...

2009.09.21 11:22
MDRDV build a new bank headquarters!
The earliest example that I know of...

OMA, Ideal Vertical Campus, Tokyo, 2004.
"It was important for us, therefore, that the energy and life found in the typical campus was driven by the possibility of creating a different configuration for every floor. The interactivity of the typical sprawling campus is achieved through these configurations...

2009.09.19 10:38
Rem: use minimum items to understand its project
Study any of the more recent Koolhaas/OMA residential projects* and you will quickly find that you cannot "use two drawings and one sentence to understand" the work.
Bordeaux House
Wenner House
Flick House I
Flick House II
Ascot Residence
Sighvatsson House
Vincent Gallo Apartment
Also look at Prada San Francisco Epicenter and Whitney Museum Extension.

2009.09.19 10:16
Your Ideal City mash up....
Dick Hertz, All Flash Urbanism (Squirtsville: DizzKnee Pubs., 2345), 6789 pages.
Atlantic City, Angkor Wat, Pompei all has-beens.
EKDD, all wanna-a-be.
Thanks for inspiring a new working title: The Satire Escapes Her.
I love it when he watches Namaste America on Saturday mornings, and he had no idea I could dance just like them. Later, popcorn and The Informant.

2009.09.18 16:54
Your Ideal City mash up....
Neuschwanstein + Las Vegas + Atlantic City + an Indian Reservation + Monte Carlo + Dubai + Angkor Wat + Pompei = "My kind of town."

2009.09.18 16:26
Your Ideal City mash up....
"...Piranesi's truly unique urban paradigm -- a city "reenacting" itself through all its physical, sociopolitical, and even metaphysical layers -- may well become the most real urban paradigm of the next millennium."
"Here a Versailles, there a Versailles, everywhere a Versailles, sigh."
"Pilgimage, Reenactment and Tourism"
Ichnographia Quondam

2009.09.14 20:20
Since it's right about now that the transverse colon and the duodenum simultaneously appear within the plane of the present, assimilation is here now in the guise of both its extremes.
Does that explain Detroit now?
Will Detroit anytime soon attain a catabolic/anabolic duality?
The safe answer is "for sure in about 190 years."

2009.09.14 17:54
As featured in forthcoming issue of Dwell.

2009.09.14 17:18
fashion tip (of the iceberg)
"Leaving him at home, Mr. and Mrs. Sharples and Rolinda set out on a visit to Miers Fisher who lived in the outskirts of Philadelphia on his estate, which was called 'Eury' or 'Ury' named after the famous place of the Barclay..."
September 10, (1810) in "Ury" outside Philadelphia (home of Miers Fisher) "Mr. S. engaged in drawing Miss Sally's portrait, Rolinda . . . in drawing flowers." September 11, in "Ury," Mr. S. engaged in drawing Miss Lydia." September 12, in "Ury." "Mr. S. made a sketch of the house."

2009.09.13 19:38
Process is more important than product
perhaps some food for thought:
(It seems) digital data is never really an end-product because it so easily generates more and more digital data. Computer models facilitate the production of more and more digital data. Architecturally, perhaps only an actual building is an end-product (of the model/drawing).
[Yet, for me, the 'end-product' architecture became a virtual building, specifically a virtual museum of architecture.]
11/24/04 8:45

2009.09.13 15:22
The Collapse of Distance - Benjamin/Virilio
Say you discovered some planets orbiting a star 100 lights years away from Earth. All you're really sure of that there were some planets orbiting that star 100 years ago, and more certain proof of those planets being there at the same time you discovered them will (perhaps) come 100 years later.
You could also make a philosophical argument that the lion's share of what we see in the night sky doesn't even exist in our time. So much for the collapse of the Universe.
"All reality is relative to the vastness of its container."

2009.09.13 11:22
The Collapse of Distance - Benjamin/Virilio
You're thinking of A Landscape of Events (2000). Briefly looked through it last night.
From Tshumi's 'Forward':
"Time rather than space is the theme of this book: the collapse of time, the acceleration of time, the reversal of time, the simultaneity of all times. ... Space becomes temporal."
So, not so much about the collapse of distance...
Fell asleep reading "The Accident Museum", a text now already 23 years old, written soon after the Challenger explosion.

2009.09.08 17:17
Process is more important than product
Here's a challenge for you: design a building without a product.
Good luck and I'll see you in a million years.




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