atypical/content of a museum [of] otherness

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1997     Adadulsian Houses

...a compilation of museums.   3724g 3724h

segue to digital museum
Philip Johnson's estate in Connecticut... ...the New Canaan Johnson estate... ideal setting and real museum of architecture (and art). ...segue to digital museum (Laguna, Wacko, etc.) as a virtual place/museum that is an experiment in architecture.

Not There: agenda for Quondam
Not There, an inovative chronicle of the motivation and cause of Quondam from behind the scenes. easy going non-sequitur, perhaps an oddball adventure in 3d.
Not There, a focus on things that can only be done virtually, outlandish juxtapositions and scale/rotation distortions. ...the history of architecture in the midst of a whole new arena, i.e., dealing with buildings the are not there.

Altes Museum - virtual redux
...a virtual re-design of the Altes Museum. ...actually just involves the Lustgarten. ...extending the base of the museum out as far as possible (like the plaza at Stirling's Düsseldorf museum) and placing a parking garage underneath, incorporating new design elements on the plaza and at its edges. ...introduce typologically shaped voids within the plaza as well.

new urban landscapes
...creating new urban landscapes with deformed models from Quondam's collection.   3141m

comparative museum types something with the museums in Quondam's collection. ...experimenting overlays and collaging, and setting up a "museum" environment as a virtual place. ...[perhaps] employ the Berlin (Lustgarten) environment.   3724i

more analogous buildings
...designing and recombining them to create new "buildings."

more daring @ Quondam
...far more manipulative of the model and 2D data in the collection. ...collaged-distorted designs demonstrating the true possibilities of "virtual" space and museums of architecture. definitions of museums are also being created in the process--a "virtual" museum can go beyond the "mission" of a real museum.
2015.05.31   Mies van der Hejduk Quondam House   2450b

merge building models
...merge building models into the site models of the various museums, and from there create/design virtual exhibits.
...furthest venturing into the virtual museum metaphor so far. ...a new range of display possibilities using the Philadelphia model as the site for virtual architectural exhibits. ...the Great Pryamids superimposition was just the beginning. ...morph any building or section of the city in the name of a virtual architectural exhibit. This seems unprecedented and has implications for virtual exhibits and museology.



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