atypical/content of a museum [of] otherness

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2011.01.08 11:00
"On Criticism" an aggregate thread
...a virtual museum of architecture
a project
institutional critique, even (perhaps a virtual museum is what a real museum cannot be)
continually reshaped
globally readable
cado coda
architecture as the delivery of content

2011.01.14 12:02
7 Wonders (and a half) of POSTMODERN architecture?
Charles Holland at Fantastic Journal:
I'm currently involved in writing a book re-appraising architectural Post Modernism. It's top secret, hush-hush. Part of it contains a top ten of Po-Mo moments, which I realise makes it sound like a rather ugly box of chocolates. Anyway, now that the final mix has been agreed I thought I'd share a few of the ones that didn't make the final cut.
Anyway, here's a selection of 'id' moments:
Gooding House aka Weight-Watchers House
Ur-Ottopia House
Good-bye House
Gooding Trice House
Gooding Trice Villa
Psycho-Suburban Poché
Alas, travels in Hyper Reality

the proverbial "are we there yet?"

OMA   National Art Museum of China   2011.04.04.

atypical and appositions
Create composite plan databases for both ‘atypical’ and ‘appositions’. The databases to get data from are in /atypical.
It will be worthwhile seeing the collected plans at the same scale.
99061401   Palace of Ottopia plan
990723d     Zany House 001 002 Poché House plans
99072310   Wacko House 002 plan development
991218f     House for Otto 10 plans
991218g     House for Otto 9 plans
991218i     Maison Millennium 003 plan model
991218k     Maison Millennium 004 plan model
001114d     ludi 002
001124b     domestic plans collection
001124c     domestic plans
010808a     Palace of Ottopia studies
010812a     Lauf Haus der Kunst studies
01112516   Maison Millennium 002 plan
020227d     Schizophrenic Folds plans
030417c     Wacko House 001 plan development
040324c     Palace of Ottopia Maison Millennium 001 plans
040325e     Sober House 1 plan
040325k     UNEP Headquarters Infringement Complex plans
040421a     House K.F. Schinkel House 10: Museum Wacko House 000 plans
040908a     I. Kahn Collagio plan
06060906   Savoye Hystérique plans
06072401   recombinant architectures plans
07052801   Gooding Trice House plans
07071803   Domestic Museum plan collection
07100201   Cut & Paste Museum plans
07113002   Suburban Poché plans
07120501   IQ Girard Collage site plan
08031801   Palais des Congrès House 10: Museum plan comparisons
08031902   Ichnographia Inkblot plans within ICM
08092502   Courthouse Plus Ultra plan development

2011.09.12 11:46
What would happen if you mix two master architects with opposing styles?
Le Corbusier - Kahn
Le Corbusier - Venturi
Schinkel - Trumbauer - Hejduk - Stirling
early Le Corbusier - late Le Corbusier
Le Corbusier - Hejduk
Mies van der Rohe - Hejduk

2011.09.12 11:55
What would happen if you mix two master architects with opposing styles?
Le Corbusier - Quondam

2011.09.12 19:00
What would happen if you mix two master architects with opposing styles?
comparative scale :: stylistic contrasts :: programmatic comparisons :: exploring architectural potentials/exercising architectural virtuality :: recombinant architectures :: an other architectural history



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