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2009.09.04 18:39
Process is more important than product
If Spiral Getty is used as a gauge for site sensitive form making, then it still isn't altogether clear how Gage's work is site insensitive form making.

2009.09.04 15:28
Process is more important than product
process as discovery?
process as justification?
process as catharsis?

a small reenactment of
Process Taking Its Own Shape

1. Conceptual sketch . . . Beginnings

2. Parti

3. Schematics

4. Design development

5. Working drawings . . . vacation

6. Construction

7. Built work

8. History . . . the final product

2009.09.04 15:06
Process is more important than product
Just for clarity's sake, care to provided examples of site-sensitive form-making.
The gist of Gage's essay overall speaks of precedence and intuition as a seemingly forgotten or overlooked part of the design process. What Gage's essay does not have is any illustration of what precedence and intuition within the design process might produce. Judging his firm's work in light of the essay may indeed be (further) revealing.

2009.09.04 10:29
Process is more important than product
"Does our obsession with process and problem solving exist because we would rather establish a clear and repeatable working method than continually face the proverbial blank sheet of paper? Does it exist because process is easier and quicker to teach than precedent? Or because discussing the processes of "research architecture" in design gives us something to talk about in reviews, or something convincing to say to clients? Is it so that, as with Abstract Expressionism, we can forgo painterly dexterity in favor of the will to discover? Have we, in fact, ordained process, research, and analysis as some architectural version of the Jonas Brothers--an unchallenged design anthem to be broadcast on all channels at all times and for any reason--in order to avoid confronting a line that lacks a legitimate rationale?"
Mark Foster Gaga, "In Defense of Design" in Log 16 (Spring/ Summer 2009).

2009.09.03 13:28
When Is the Talent Portion of the Contest?
I had no idea it took so many to tackle insignificance.

2009.09.03 13:11
fashion tip (of the iceberg)
It was the "post-mortem discourse" that rekindled the vertigo of the mélange. The thought was post-modernism as still life.
But the strange fascination of still life, isn't it also a fiction? Or indeed an ethereal necrophilia?
--The Man without Qualities
The only gesture possible would seem to be stillness, what "in painting is called Stilleben (still life), or in other languages... natura morta (dead nature)."
Life is magically arrested in its impermanence: "objects, animals, plants, landscapes and human bodies frozen into stillness by the magic of art," in a sort of "demonical" mystery.
The world itseld seems to be suspended in an unending instant, in a landscape like the "sixth day of Creation, when God and the world were still alone, without men"
"It is extraordinarily simple, but also very odd," says Ulrich.
"We have found many contrived answers," says Ulrich, "but we have overlooked th simplest: that both may have the intention and the capacity to take everything of which they have experience only as Gleichnis" And "every Gleichnis is ambivalent for the intellect, but for the feeling it is univocal;" and therefore it should be possible to experience "as oneness that which be common estimate is twofold."
"In that instant there occurred to Ulrich the idea of a state of life in which the being here was Gleichnis of the being there, and the impossible experience of being a person with two distinct bodies might lose the thorn of its impossibility."
Gleichnis is never Gleichheit.
--overall Franco Rella
He found Renfrew in a hectic mood, as close to desperation as Lew could recall.
... Lew had the sudden certitude that right now in Göttingen some bilocational Lew was asking Werfner the same question...]
"magnigicent chaos of the museum"

2009.09.03 12:00
Palais Imperial de Dolma Baghtche
[The account of Hamann's subsequent relationship with Kant, where the latter was engaged by Hamman's quondam employer in Riga to bring the reborn religious enthusiast back to the path of reason, is the stuff of the very best historical novels.]
As if by divine chance, the next chapter (this morning) is entitled: Spectacles and Eyes to See With: Two cultures in philosophy. Operations within a surgical double theater, indeed.
malpractice case Cambridge 1992
the Derrida affair
They [Ayrs and Bataille] met in a Parisian bar in 1951, with Merleau-Ponty.
who are they?

and was it on purpose that their mirror image is what appears in this chapter?
then again, upon reflection
"I believe in spectacles, but I think eyes are necessary too."
no C.P. Snow daze. know sleepy snow days.
finally Cosmopolis.

2009.09.01 17:53
fashion tip (of the iceberg)
arbitration and arbitrariness blurred
reality being relative to the vastness of its container
arbitration and arbitrariness come into focus as instinct
realms juxtaposed
"the time it takes to do this" as continuum
i.e., "...to compose this novel in a real/virtual manner. Do you assume this intention needs support from the living?"
background music: ...sounds a blur (in a good way) between Saussure and the debunked Blavatsky, but to no surprise as I have heard the two in the same breathe before.

2009.09.01 18:00
What are the skills required in architecture
"Planned obsolescence has to be the most successful design of all."
2004.07.18 14:19

2009.09.01 08:54
Palais Imperial de Dolma Baghtche
found this on a floppy disc--Verbatim Datalife MF2-HD...
17 July
Rubens is making final preparations before he sets out for Rome where he'll be sketching for the next two weeks--drawings/designs for the DEATH DO US PART tapestries.
18 July
Constantine hasn't been to Rome since 326 AD, but this year he will participate in reenacting the closing of his Vicennalia there. Apparently, he was really impressed that finally someone modern figured when and how Helena and Fausta died. (He's still completely tight-lipped about where the spiral columns came from though.)
In general news....
Gordon's paper for the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention is now entitled "Learning From Lacunae".
Tertullian and John the Baptist Piranesi will be conducting almost daily Vicennalia tours.
Marie Antoinette is getting a real kick out of how Martha Stewart is reenacting her these days--so Hameau Tableau. She's also wondering if 6 October will again have some significance.
Rita Novel can't make it Rome, but her cousin, Rita Spectacle aka Four Eyes aka 20-20-20-20 hindsight will be there and on duty.
Did you know that Dennis Joseph Cardinal Dougherty was on the cover of TIME magazine 15 February 1937? (Wouldn't you know it? The fat cat now wants that reenacted!) I don't think Eva knows yet, but rumor has it that "God's Bricklayer" likes marriage so much he now wants a couple other wives. Apparently he's been asking if Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas are available. (Maybe Dennis can somehow become the new 'poster child' for obesity as a disease.)
Surprising auction outcome for Eva's auction catalogue...
...Great Isfahan wo bist du?
ciao 4 now

2009.08.31 08:29
fashion tip (of the iceberg)
So 1% of 4.1 billion is 410 million.
Ah, the sky's no limit.
"The assignment--"Analyze a bad book, play, movie, or television program"--has produced some of the best writing this semester, confirming Parker's observation that these kids were intimidated by excelence. His most popular assignment was "Rewrite the following paragraph as verbosely as possible," and he'd once proposed a Comp course based entirely on mandatory bad writing..."
350 BC Bryaxis
Quaestio Abstrusa's Karma Collection




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