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2007.11.10 19:41
The End of Boxes

The second Goetheanum is certainly sculptural, but I wouldn't call it blob-like.

Though it's hard to discern from the model and plans of the 'cafeteria' facilities of the Olivetti center, there is a definite free-flow circulation between levels which is a strong 'blob' characteristic.

2007.11.10 18:21
The End of Boxes
The Beginning of Blobs?

Le Corbusier, Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti at Rho-Milan, 1963-64.

2007.11.10 16:38
Name that Architect and Building!!

Cousins Stefan and Anna in front of (now quondam) monument, Museum Insel, Berlin, circa 1943.

2007.11.10 16:15
The End of Boxes
The Beginning of Boxes?

Louis I. Kahn, Norman Fisher House, construction completed June 1967.

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