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2007.08.08 13:02
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
To: design-l
Subject: Re: King of Prussia marble?
Date: 2002.03.10 20:43
Nic [now aka Miss Representation]:
I know the Crate & Barrel building/store you ask of (I was in it earlier this year), but I don't know who designed it. You're right, it is a very fine design, and really "works" well and looks good in its "unique" context. I was taken there specifically by one of my friends because he (as a non-architect) really liked the design. He said, "I want a house that looks like that."
I'm just now becoming regularly familiar with the whole King of Prussia Mall environment, so I'm no "expert". So far what I like about the place more than anything is the rolling hill terrain--sometimes all "all natural" and sometimes all "human-made". I also like the "not planned mish-mash" mostly because it seems to work OK. I've been meaning to go photograph the whole place for a couple of years now.
Another thing I've noticed so far is that the Mall environment is really the town center now. It's not just shopping, but lots of busy restaurants and bars all the time, business offices, gyms, movie theaters, etc., etc. -- everything except churches, municipal buildings, and places to live.

2007.08.08 12:30
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
Come on, everything is 'stuff' be it old or new. If you really want to discuss 'stuff' look at the operation of 'planned obsolescence'. There's a real problem with the notion of making new stuff that is already designed to not last long. And when it comes to homes, even the best utilities won't last forever.

2007.08.08 12:21
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
All ownership is quantifiable, and yes that means it's all a business. That's a given that really can't be ignored or ideologically brushed aside when it comes to trying to figure out what to do ablout sprawl.

2007.08.08 12:11
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
I wouldn't confuse the issue by right away associating 'newness' with 'stuff'. Concentrate on the newness factor, whether it's a brand new home or a renewed central business district, and start to imagine how newness can be somehow packaged differently.

2007.08.08 12:03
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
[googled "redesigning newness" and received no results]
Redesigning Newness: Architecture's Search for an Answer to Sprawl
...two acres of lawn? I think you'll find that those two acres (from years ago) are being subdivided these days. I lived in a house (for 48 years) that hadn't changed much in 70 years. As far as I could tell, I was pretty much a small minority.

2007.08.08 11:20
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
No one has yet mentioned the overwhelming desire for newness (parsed with a moderate-to-strong dislike/distrust of things old) which plays a key role in most of modern societies' choices. Sprawl offers that newness. Even small cities have to make themselves "new" to become attractive again.

2007.08.08 11:13
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
There really doesn't have to be any argument for the suburbs, they already have the power and the draw. For the most part that's the reality.

2007.08.08 11:00
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
I'm not really looking for fixes of the suburbs/sprawl, rather I'm exploring it, learning from it, gradually coming to understand it and even enjoying it. It's a much different dynamic then what I've personally known and lived within for the last half century, and now that I live much closer to it, a lot of it I find refreshing.

2007.08.08 10:19
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
Besides for what jump wrote 08/07/07 17:31 and apurimac wrote 08/07/07 18:57, most of what comprises this thread seems as distasteful, pointless and wasteful as the worst aspects of sprawl itself.

2007.08.07 18:14
spreading like a virus... (discuss)
Both of the early New Harmony settlements were failures. And the second, under Robert Owen, was not exactly comprised by like minded individuals--there was definitely a class disparity.
One of the people that went to New Harmony with Owen was Hannah Fisher Price, and I happen to now live exactly where Hannah lived just before she went to New Harmony. After a couple of years at New Harmony, Hannah and her family moved to Cincinnati.
I'm finding the suburbs fascinating, and the ones around here are gorgeous.

2007.08.06 10:10
not looking forward to
Nothing's ideal. All work is often enough tedious or boring or frustrating. Perhaps my only advantage is being able to choose my tediums, boredoms and frustrations.

2007.08.06 09:57
archinect poem off
seeing "multiverse" in this very thread 2 weeks ago
seeing "multiverse" in today's archinect news
multiverse is multivirtual
multiverse is often found in poetry squared
multiverse is also like multi verse squared, U NO

from (1984.09.12) #10:
The toggle switch that executes the multiverse and cancels the universe.

from (1984.09.23 happy birthday abracadabra) #16:
Welcome aboard you movie stars of the MULTIVERSE.

from ( 1984.10.22) #34:
It is that time to design travel in/for the MULTIVERSE.

from (1984.11.21 happy birthday Quondam) #47:
Since I invented the multiverse I guess I should spend six days making it what it is.
v from (1984.11.22) #50:
(i.e. the moment you are most likely to fall in either direction in2 the Multiverse) .
O souls of the Multiverse, how is that man, that creature of but a lower power of ten, one who consumes all but to produce waste: where in the bangs of TIME will the flesh of thought see with THE EYES CLEARLY?

from (1984.11.25) #52:
How fortunate to be creating myths of tomorrow a.k.a. Book of the Multiverse.

from (1984.11.26) #53:
She collects old ionographs of MV lev -(x,y) 7df5s (z) 10{rvo}: MULTIVERSE level Punic Carthage after first apogee VI settlement.

from (1984.12.29) #56:
- when you start to look at the MULTIVERSE, U C it in glimpses.

from (1984.12.29) #57:
Design the void and give it a Sachlichkeit shape. Are those roman/chinese senators/eyes-guys waiting to debate gosh the other{(s) in the MULTIVERSE}? the time goes by and the flowers came back and then the outs. .
So there are the MULTIVERSES ** powers in U

from (1985.01.13) #66:
Two eyes and me the finder of multipeople - CITIZENS OF THE MULTIVESE Sing something, the tune's time has come.

and from (1985.03.06) #77:
Every minute is time - every time is moving - all in the same direction they say - They don't know the MULTIVERSE YET!!!!!!

only sounds like prophet tearing

2007.08.06 09:02
not looking forward to
I never went to grad school and all I do is "explore and expand upon my most deeply-felt interests."

2007.08.05 17:57
Koolhaas & Eisenman Discuss “Urgency” at the CCA
urgent or irrelevant? you decide.
Oh the excitment of it all.
"Use the rockets! [video unavailable]

2007.08.05 16:51
Koolhaas & Eisenman Discuss “Urgency” at the CCA
these might help the dilemma...




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