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2007.10.27 11:48
Collage Architecture
...lately there's been some digital collaging...

[Old School of New Thinking 2007.09.22]
...of BIG even, and more and more.

Piranesi's Birthday 2007.01

Piranesi's Birthday 2007.02

Piranesi's Birthday 2007.03

Piranesi's Birthday 2007.04

2007.10.26 18:29
Collage Architecture

Artistic License 001

2007.10.26 16:26
Collage Architecture
It's interesting how Robert Venturi's collage perspective of the National Collegiate Football Hall of Fame (1967)

predates Archigram's Instant City (1968) by one year.
One could say that Venturi's collage is an updated POP...

...version of the earlier collages by Mies van der Rohe.





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