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2007.08.21 13:40
thesis... phenomenology
just one example:
Learning from Ronchamp
by Stephen Lauf, 2006.04.24 11:24

"...a good look at Le Corbusier's Ronchamp clarifies much of Holl's work."

2007.08.21 13:20
Name that Architect and Building!!!
That's not it, but very good guess. same language, but not same country. and to be honest I never even heard of the architect until recently

2007.08.21 13:11
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,

"Holy metabolic imagination, Batman!!!"
"Last night I watched the movie After Hours, and I think I recognized the couch in the Soho artist's loft. In fact, I'm pretty sure I sat in that very couch a number of times. R., wasn't that the couch that Jim D. gave you? Jim D. and I sat next to each other in fourth grade at St. Ambrose Catholic School (c.1966). We used to draw 'Batcaves' to entertain each other. Those long nonexistant drawings were probably the first building sections I ever drew. Anyone interested in buying some 'Batcave' drawing reenactments?"
As it turned out, I did sit in that couch on several occasions, just like they're doing.

2007.08.21 12:45
Name that Architect and Building!!!

hint: one of the 'transformations'--structural form: expressionism 1962-71

2007.08.21 12:22
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
Marketing an architectural firm and designing to generating publicity are not the same thing.
"Thus the city repeats its life, identical, shifting up and down on its empty chessboard. The inhabitants repeat the same scenes, with the actors changed; they repeat the same speeches with variously combined accents; they open alternative mouths in identical yawns. Alone, among all the cities of the empire, Eutropia remains always the same. Mercury, god of the fickle, to whom the city is sacred, worked this ambiguous miracle."
--Invisible ______
"It seems that Mamre, the place of settlement and burial of Abraham, within today's Hebron, is also the site of the Abraham's and Ishmael's circumcision."
--Architectural Foreskin or Not
Drawings! Find the drawing! Now!

2007.08.21 12:03
thesis... phenomenology
And here I though the proof was in the Prof. Aplomb pudding.
Le Corbusier's five points actually matured along with his oeuvre, and the promenade architecturale formula is often [executed] within the buildings as well. In many ways, Holl's work comprises an adroit riff off Ronchamp, Maison Jaoul and Cap Martin.

2007.08.21 11:27
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
Instinct is not the same thing as reason. To start with, instinct is much quicker.
"Should architectural education begin teaching students how to design buildings that generate publicity? Of course, that includes doing a building correctly in terms of structure and function, however, getting publicity appears to be a new and already prevalent user demand that requires compliance as well. And isn't it common sense for architects to supply what the client asks for?
Then again, it really isn't the architecture or architect that generate the publicity. Rather, it is the advertisement driven publicity/news 'machine'."
"My feeling has been all along, however, that architects and architecture are well capable of generating their own publicity, but professional 'decorum' has for the most part made that attitude an ethically and aesthetically wrong position for architects to take. This 'wrongness' is really just a fabrication, an artificial restraint, and, as always, it is precisely at these artificial points where 'institutions' are the weakest, where the decay happens, where things begin to fall apart. I wholeheartedly advocate architects to embrace publicity as a new, additional ingredient that makes good architecture, the same as firmness, commodity, and delight make good architecture. Furthermore, I hope it takes less than twenty years for architects to begin creating and directing web sites that are just the same as television channels."
What were you doing January 23rd 2001? Blinking?

2007.08.20 22:55
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
a design mode rarely taught, and indeed most often severely denounced."
For what it's worth, what John just wrote, "Which is why some argue that reason is too slow to be useful any more. Intuition and insight are speedier, but not as fast as illogic and madness." describes perfectly my position regarding design, and even more so art.
...primarily because you continually apply the standards of the real world to the virtual world with what appears to be a non-investigation of those [other] qualities or standards the virtual [so far] evokes wholly on its own. My leaning toward virtual extremism is at the same time a search for some "purism" within the virtual. I don't want the virtual to merely become a reflection of the real, and that is precisely because it seems that we are actually lucky enough to be living at a time when the whole notion of a virtual realm is becoming a viable other realm--a wonderful time when it is truly possible to begin delivering something that is above all NOT more of the same [o. s.].
John, as always, the flow/current/wave pattern of your emitted thoughts carry good highs and lows, provoking aboves and belows, and, this time at least, a co[s]mic ending[?]. (btw, I assume your quandom = my quondam.) Here's one of my favorite anecdotes relative to humor--Roland Barthes in his book entitled S/Z labels laughter as the highest, most effective form of castration. ha ha ha! OUCH ha ha ha! ha ha ha! OUCH OUCH OUCH Perhaps while you guys and some "others" work on electromagnetic architectures, I'll start working on a new thesis--castration architectures--beginning with a chapter called "concise history of the ballroom" and ending with a chapter called "she who laughs last at the sperm bank".
...see where architecture in cyberspace? will take you!




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