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2007.08.20 08:52
And besides, if inner ugliness was the new beauty, everybody would be on a magazine cover.

2007.08.20 08:45
do any one know the site of
I'd say that www.zahahadidblog.com is currently the best utilization of the web by a starchitect. Given how picky one hears that Hadid is, it's somewhat enlightening and even refreshing to see what she deems acceptable (and indeed effective) as her web presence. Smart (finally).

2007.08.19 13:54
the future
To: architecthetics
Subject: Re: Mir & the value of a city
Date: 12 Aug 1998 - 19:37 BST
Is it possible that Brasilia is a perfect candidate for a city that should gradually (or perhaps even quickly) become a virtual place? Would Brasilia as a governmental center possibly function nearly just as well as a location in cyberspace?
"In the future everything will be a reenactment (in cyberspace)?"
A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit is largely a souvenir of events that occurred within "space without mass."

2007.08.19 11:19
Why do you think you're creative?
The bird of paradise was definitely trying to be procreative, indeed prolific. Yet it's metabolism, a creative/destructive operation, that sustains almost all life.
Otherwise, the notion of being creative in the hope of making things better may be just as easily mean being creative due to discontent.

2007.08.19 11:01
the future
I exist mainly in a virtual environment yet other people often talk or think about me in the existing physical environment. It's like weight watchers in denial about putting on some virtual gravitas.

2007.08.19 10:42
Elvis 30th anniv. tribute thread
I was on the train alone going from Florence back to Rome and a young (though slightly older than me) American couple in the same compartment asked:
"Hey, did you hear that Elvis Presley died?"
"It happened a week ago."
I was very uncomfortably hungover from too much drinking the night before at The Red Garter, and then falling asleep on some curb with an even more drunk roommate of our group. I specifically left Florence as early as possible to avoid traveling back to Rome with the excessive chatter of the rest of our group.
And 30 years ago today I fell asleep on the steps of Il Redentore (waiting till it opened) after the unplanned coincidence of reading page 42 (page 36 of 2nd edition) of Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture.

There's now a little plaque on the steps that says This spot is a supernal resting place.

2007.08.18 22:33
Why do you think you're creative?
After six days of very hard work, I just gave up on ever being creative again.

2007.08.18 13:48
sacred or profane?
Please lip my stocking!!!

2007.08.08 18:51
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
I wonder, does the "inflated expectations" concept apply to higher education aspirations as well?

2007.08.08 17:04
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
Which brings back (to me at least) the newness factor, and, as the article at the beginning of this thread notes, it's the out-there sprawl that is now affordable.
I now live just within the Philadelphia city limits, and minutes away are very nice older suburbs, which most middle/working class Philadelphians can't afford. So, if you want to move out of the city (and make it a "step up"), you now have to move a lot further out.

2007.08.08 12:11
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
I wouldn't confuse the issue by right away associating 'newness' with 'stuff'. Concentrate on the newness factor, whether it's a brand new home or a renewed central business district, and start to imagine how newness can be somehow packaged differently.

2007.08.08 16:33
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
You could also say that sprawl is driven by the ability of Americans to invest a large amount of money in land/home ownership. Individual land ownership in Europe has always been a minority situation (and still too expensive for most). And you could well say that what became the United States was indeed founded on individual land ownership.

2007.08.08 16:19
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
Personally, I don't foresee sprawl being fixed, more likely someday abandoned.

2007.08.08 16:01
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
Regarding real estate development, as far as Pennsylvania is concerned, it started before Willian Penn even got here--he sold a lot of the land sight unseen in England.

Indentur 11 October 1681
William Penn of Warmingham, Sussex England to Thomas Percy of the City of Oxford
500 acres in the province of Pennsylvania

courtesy of The Historical Society of Frankford




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