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2009.09.23 15:24
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
from eikongraphia, where pixel should be changed to voxel:
Manhattan Bar Chart, by OMA
Amethyst, by OMA

Michiel van Raaij:
Yes, that is right. The pixelation theme appears In this design for the Science Center…
And in the Gakuen Tower shown in the 'Content' Exhibition
And in the entry for the Gazprom competition
And in the Beijing Books Building
That is at least 4 times. Will the next book by Rem be called 'Pixels'?
Actually, The New High: ODing on Voxels.*

OMA, Monaco Hotel, 2008.
Hey, everything can't be a voxel!

OMA, India Tower, 2008.

2009.10.27 21:00
Another Rem
Elia Zenghelis is also creditied as designer of the Parc de la Villette competition project.

2009.11.20 15:34
The current state of Architecture Theory
Here's what comes to my mind when I (too) wrestle* with then what.
I made a bunch of collages during the summer of 2001. These were done for art, and not for architecture, but there was some architectonics within some of the collages.
Last year there was "has the sun finally set on oma?" thread here at archinect/forum. To join in the discussion I wanted to post images of a couple recent OMA projects that I like. And while finding the images online and seeing the projects again and trying to figure how to explain why I like the projects I noticed a kind of strange resemblance to two of the collages I did in 2001. (I did not think that maybe OMA saw the collages online.) What happened at that moment of 'recognition' was an insight into how I myself could have found architectural inspiration in the collages.
*"Eternal Wrest" is the last chapter of Architecture in Critical Condition.



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