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2007.02.10 09:59
Anyone support tearing it down?
Horace and Anna made a lovely couple, but, did anyone notice?
Saw Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck on Charlie Rose last night. I'm still not sure exactly how Franziska's daughter-in-law Ursula and Florian are related, but Ursula's father is right under Florian on the wiki page.
And the big story on Action News is that Steve Lauf's cousin's husband announces his candidacy for Mayor of Philadelphia on the same day Anna Nicole Smith died. It's the candidate's mother-in-law's turn to call Lauf's mother for their weekly phone chats.
[note to self: In the virtual future all news will be delivered via the eye of the beholder.]
And in other breaking news, over seven years after discovering a heretofore undetected double printing of the Ichnographia Campus Martius, the first virtual museum of architecture discovers evidence pointing to a heretofore unnoticed design by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, the first professional architect of the United States of America.
Rococo your boat, life is but a dream.

2007.02.09 22:19
Anyone support tearing it down?
I'm sure these guys will do a fabulous job!!!

although, personally, I'd hire this guy

dodge the bullet
a rose is a rose is a trumbauer
quondam is as quondam does
I found out yesterday that, on 17 August 1824, the man who "founded the nation's first public museum" visited and sketched "Miers Fisher's House." I doubt the "rambling" 83 year old suspected that one day in the far off future that the first virtual museum of architecture online would eventually emanate from the same place.
But I'm still looking for the drawing of "The Seat of Miers Fisher" exhibited by Benjamin Henry Latrobe in 1812. Wonder what gave him such a capitol idea.

2007.02.06 12:53
smoking.. and thinking of not smoking
They sometimes say smoking gets intertwined with other habits. After living there 48 years, I moved out of my house last October and I've been smoke-free ever since. Strange, too, I now never even think about lighting-up.

2007.01.31 17:33
Serious Debate
In 2002 at http://www.quondam.com,/ there was a memorial to all the ethnic Germans of Brestowatz, Yugoslovia that are buried in the mass graves of Gakovo. One of my great grandmothers and several other older relatives are buried there.

2007.01.31 17:18
Serious Debate
I could ask my mother right now if she would like to see more memorials to what she went through, but I already know she would answer no.

2007.01.31 17:10
Serious Debate
Both my parents are survivors of Soviet labor concentration camps (1945-1950). In fact, that's where my parents met. Do people hate me because I admit that?
I don't know the number, but a lot of ethnic Germans from throughout Eastern Europe and Russia died under Stalin 1945-1950.

2007.01.31 16:20
Semetic or Indo-Europeans?
assimilated or non-assimilated?

2007.01.31 16:16
is it theoretical...is it conceptual...is it political?
hint hint

Professor Aplomb in the library with the computer.

2007.01.31 16:09
Semetic or Indo-Europeans?
What a great way to endorse cross breeding!

2007.01.31 15:49
The Mike Wallace Interview of Ayn Rand
And here I always thought that Howard Roark, because he blew up public housing, was a racist, and Ayn Rand, because she had a love affair with a 25 year younger man, was a rapist.
Those that believe in the fountain head, please stand up?

2007.01.31 15:49
is it theoretical...is it conceptual...is it political?

Stephen Lauf, OTTOSITIONS 2 (ink on book: 2006.06.06).

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