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2006.06.26 20:01
The Building
I always wanted to design a hospital, and on the roof would be a big sign saying WHICH DOCTOR?

2006.06.26 19:28
what value does art have in the world?
You just asked a very good question:
Is the enormous amount of effort and resources worth the output?
Rhetoric is cheap and uses very little resources, so I'd say let there be all the rhetoric that any artist wants. But, when it comes to enormous effort and resources, I too often wonder if the resultant art is worth it.
Personally, as an artist I am very "conservative" and/or frugal in that I pretty much try to only use what I have. And, indeed, my artistic goal at this point is to use up what I have. Plus, the whole virtual thing that I'm interested in is very much done in an effort to use "virtually" no resources at all.
Did you know I've done some artworks entitled Bombastic Piece?

2006.06.26 17:25
what value does art have in the world?
Do tell about the forthcoming reenactment.
I can't say that any work of art instantaneously changed my outlook on anything. For me it's a more a prolonged exposure process that manifests change.
It's been a long time now, but I have cried at movies. If I recall correctly, the last time was 23 years ago while watching a movie in an IMAX theater for the first time. It was in Huntsville, AL, and I've already written here how those 10 days in Huntsville changed my life.
Are you looking for some sort of gauge whereby one can measure the success of art or something? I mean, art can do something for me without it being life changing. Otherwise, you're really just asking leading questions.

2006.06.26 16:48
what value does art have in the world?
boy, talk about tautologies.

2006.06.26 12:13
what value does art have in the world?
Gimme, gimme all your idols!

2006.06.26 11:38
what value does art have in the world?
And here I thought that the mainstream of advertising and marketing existed to be appropriated into art!
Who knew?!?

2006.06.26 11:29
what value does art have in the world?

"And you thought getting a tattoo was pointless."

2006.06.26 10:59
what value does art have in the world?
non sequitur
1. An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence.
2. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it.
And I just wanted to note that it's obvious that music, fashion, tattoos and hair are obviously bring people together to spend their (or their parents') money.
My Latin teacher back in high school used to occasionally make referenced to "the great unwashed." If I was teaching high school today, I'd occasionally make reference to "the great brainwashed."

2006.06.26 10:26
what value does art have in the world?
"And the wurst has arrived?"
ref.: "Bad art is more tragically beautiful than good art because it documents human failure."

2006.06.26 08:50
what value does art have in the world?
I also like museums that don't even exist....

Virtual Museum 245

2006.06.26 08:27
what value does art have in the world?
Work and church and sports bring people together a lot more than art does. Plus, art is just as capable of separating people.
The desire for art to bring people together is based more on economics (the desire for people to spend money) than it is on the art itself.
Personally, I like museums best when they are free and virtually empty of people.
And that Milton Glaser quote is more non sequitur than anything else.

I wonder how many murderers have seen the Mona Lisa.

2006.06.25 19:13
Is Archinect a Place?
That's right, I was invented because I do exist.

2006.06.25 17:38
Is Archinect a Place?
I smell of otherness, I sound of otherness, and I give a whole other feeling.

2006.06.25 15:27
what value does art have in the world?
Wednesday, July 30, 1980
They were having a costume auction at Sotheby's at 1:00 and one of the things in the auction was a costume I'd done in the sixties for the Dalton twins--the "This Side Up" dress. Sotheby's just had it thrown in with the other clothes, they didn't realize I'd done it. If someone had put it in a frame it could sold for $10,000 but somebody's probably going to get it for $25. It's the last thing in the auction.
--The Andy Warhol Diaries
I guess art in a frame changes everything!




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