big pools with waterfalls

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2007.05.17 10:13
"I see sham pane, but no glasses."
It is true that the colosseum will fit (almost) exactly within St. Peter's Piazza--620 ft across within 650 ft across--and then the colonnades by Bernini would wrap around the colosseum. The ovals themselves are not the same, see Kitao, Circle and Oval in St. Peter's Square.
Is this interesting? Sure it is. Do we know Bernini's reason for doing this? or Was there a reason for Bernini doing this? You tell me.

Regarding "my definitive text on the life and death axes" see Eros et Thanatos Ichnographia Campi Martii in conjunction with pagan - christian - triumphal way.

2007.05.16 21:08
"I see sham pane, but no glasses."
look no further:
S + M + L = QBVS

Coincidently, I received an email from Tony D'Aulerio while I was preparing this blog post:
Hi Steve:
I had taken out Scully's American Architecture and Urbanism from Tyler. On page 224 I noticed this picture–-don't know if you had seen it before. Contrary to what the caption says, Kahn's plan for Philadelphia was not "drawn over" the Piranesi plan: it's plain to see from the photo that it was just pinned over it. It's a very interesting picture in light of what you have since done: Kahn simply covered over his Campo Marzio with the Philadelphia plan, whereas you have actually conjoined them.
Hope you're staying cool in this insane heat.

Thanks Tony. I've never noticed the image on page 224 before. It's neat, too, to see that Kahn had a copy of the Ichnographia Campus Martius in its second state. As per your "cojoining" comment, see the cover of QBVS3.
Ah, the heat of Reenactment Season!

2007.05.16 21:03
lost endings
guess who's secretly...
Is Archinect a Place?
by SuperImpose, 2006.06.25 14:13

"Please stop blurring the real and virtual. I can't take it anymore."
I think that's Rita Novel in the background!

So Ben killed his father, and now John killed his father. Jack and what's-her-name were traveling with their father in a coffin, but they don't know they're siblings (yet). Just be happy you're not a father of the LOST party.




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