big pools with waterfalls

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2007.07.20 20:58
archinect poem off
vision airy

what's this in my cup I see?
why it's just a novel tea

what's that on the hill I see?
why it's just a gallant tree

2007.07.20 17:49
archinect poem off
journey motifs

the expeditious expedition
had flags and colors and birds
and waves of hands
and waves of seas
they embarked with a goal to please

so listen to me sun
the Egyptians, they hailed you
Mercury, he mailed you
wings on his feet
talk about heat

thus the zanny zebra zipped with zest
past the zealous zombie
like a zephyr?
no, a zepplin

and through the fanlight
flies the fanmail
like a pigeon
with a fantail

2007.07.19 16:15
Verb: Featured Discussion
...what do you think "the public" learns about? It learns about things that are publicized. If you want a message to get out to the public, then hire a publicist.

2007.07.19 16:12
Verb: Featured Discussion
I guess this isn't a good time to bring up "architects as hypercritical" again then is it?

2007.07.19 15:40
Happy 10th Birthday Archinect - Jul 19th 1997-2007
I wonder what the oldest active architectural web site is...

2007.07.19 15:33
Verb: Featured Discussion
"Public discourse when it comes to public building projects" is not exactly what my questions were addressing. What I was questioning is the notion that somehow "public discourse" is lacking (or even non-existant) and thus requires a "call to arms" rhetoric. Basically, are thing really that bad? And if they are, then at least explain what that bad situation is.
I'm assuming that public discourse when it comes to public building projects is not something that never happens. In fact, I've been on the public side of a public discourse when it came to a public building project--a park building planned for a site that would have ruined the only nice part of the park left; because of my public outspokenness the building never happened. Yes, I'll all for public discourse when it comes to public building projects.
"never ask a question for which you already can't expect the answer".

2007.07.19 14:14
Verb: Featured Discussion
...can you explain where the imperative , as in "we need to take more responisiblity over our role in society," come from? And who exactly is this "we"?

2007.07.19 13:59
Verb: Featured Discussion
I never said that expanding client base is a bad thing. I'm all for expanding architecture's client base. (Again, I'm misinterpreted.)

2007.07.19 13:43
Verb: Featured Discussion
...look at my questions again, none of which were "why do we need it?" What I asked was: "Where does the imperative for public discourse come from?" and "Is the public asking for it?" You gave a vague, subjective answer. That you interpreted my questions as "opposing" tells me, at least, to not really trust your judgment, and is indeed indicative of "perhaps architects are hypercritical."
What I'm actually advocating is for you to take a much more objective view of what it is you're promoting as "public discourse".
Expanded client base aside, the desire seems to be one where, if the public is more aware of architecture and the makings of good design, then the built environment would subsequently be somehow better. Is that right? And if so, is the premise for more "public discourse" then nothing more than a vague assumption?
You ask what my methodology is, and I don't see that there's any real clear methodolgy to what your doing either

2007.07.19 12:42
Verb: Featured Discussion
...how exactly have I called for a reduction of architectural discourse?

2007.07.19 12:06
Verb: Featured Discussion
I interprete it as you still euphemistically wishing the client base was expanded here in the States.

2007.07.19 11:54
Verb: Featured Discussion
And the assumption that "an informed public makes the space for architecture more possible" is based on what exactly?
Is the desire for "public discourse" really just a euphemism for "expanded client base?"
Remember this:
"Looks like your house could use some architectural viagra!" commercials?

2007.07.19 11:31
Verb: Featured Discussion
Where exactly does the imperative for "public discourse" come from? Is the public asking for it?
Did futureboy really say anything beyond the realm of platitude?
Perhaps architects themselve are hypercritical, and that's where the real problem with architectural discourse lies.
I'll critique critique, but I'll rarely critique design (and that's because I genuinely like all buildings).

2007.07.19 11:09
Verb: Featured Discussion
...meanwhile at the market forum:

"May I ask what metrics you're utilizing for examining these?"
"Oh blow it out your ass"

2007.07.19 07:54
free cholesterol:

2007.07.18 17:33
Sarcastic Architecture




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