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2009.08.08 16:37
Lady Gaga: Architectural Cipher
Just in case it isn't obvious, I like fashion that has a point.

2009.08.08 13:13
Lady Gaga: Architectural Cipher
fashion medium as message

says the same on the front

2009.08.06 18:44
Fashion Whores Reenacting Real Originals
liberty bell, it was June 3, 2002, and what you said didn't surprise me as much as when you said it. Heretofore I had no idea you had posted at archinect that far back, and the discovery was also the unexpected end to search that led to another search that led to another search.
True, what you said wasn't complimentary. Have you ever been to Island Beach State Park? It's there where you can see the Jersey shore relatively untouched.
Last week, I found an indication that I first may have posted within archinect's discussion forum January 22, 2003, but that date seemed too early to me. Thus I initiated a piranesi search through the 194 pre-May 2004 archinect discussion forum web pages I had saved on an old laptop March 6, 2003. I have no idea now why I saved these pages, but I indeed did find a copy of "Piranesi's Campo Marzio," a thread I started January 22, 2003:
Stephen Lauf 01/22/03-21:30
I'm curious as to what is being taught about Piranesi's Campo Marzio plan in architecture schools these days. I'm well aware of what Tafuri has written, and how Allen, Bloomer and Eisenman have simply reiterated Tafuri, thus I'd like to know if anything else is being taught.
In 1999 I discovered that there are indeed two printed versions of the Ichnographia Campus Martius (and published my findings of the heretofore unnoticed Ichnographia at various places online). This discover came after 10 years of heavily researching the plan, and my findings indicate that Tafuri et al are just plain wrong as to what Piransi's Campo Marzio is all about. For example, is anyone (besides myself at) explaining the Campo Marzio as the mnemonic, reenactionary devise that it really is?

As is now inevitable, this search opened other searches, specifically, [VIVI]sectR-ist posted a long essay which climaxes with the proclamation of a certain K. being the son of Eisenman and Bloomer, the grandson of James Joyce, and the great-grandson of Piranesi.
It's only now that I understand where the resentment comes from. Before, it just didn't seem fair in that I couldn't exactly see how I had provoked the resentment in the first place.
K., if this...
[[P]…transplanted three “surgical” strategies…[1] he made use of accidental holes or “wounds” gaping in the sides of deteriorating masonry to allow glimpses of their internal structure…[2] P’s “dissective” strategy was to exhibit multiple images limblike on the same plate. [3] P invented hypothetical or “scarred’ solutions… Like a surgeon, Piranesi responsibly sutured the certain to the conjectural, thereby allowing the seamed nature of his vision of the whole to show.]
...is really your own thinking, then it may well be the your most original.
Otherwise, I'm sure you never suspected my existence when you finally wrote...
Piranesi and his etchings always appeared to be out of place, or out of time, always looking, searching for the individual that would write the narrative to go along with the pictures. Perhaps he was mindful of the need for some [m]other to provide the “stone” for decoding.
...orbit of solid body

2009.08.06 13:46
Fashion Whores Reenacting Real Originals
Fashion Whores Reenacting Real Originals

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