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2009.06.17 22:50
fouquet's barriere hotel
It's seventeen years old now, so it's time to update the Hotel Pia. Delete over half the windows and add the elevation of another building to the background. Voilą!

2009.06.17 15:08
please comment or destroy, thank you
71. Methods of construction in use before and after the decline of art.
Kind of makes you see just how relative 'advancement' can be.

2009.06.17 14:49
fouquet's barriere hotel
the real:

great design, very 21st century, consummate use of the assimilating and metabolic imagination.
the virtual:
the renderings are now inconsequential.

2009.06.17 10:08

wow, talk about 'Dick in a Box'

2009.06.16 12:04
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I can well see that scripting is an advancement in drawing dexterity with the aim of an advancement in production, but it's not altogether evident that scripting is an advancement in architecture.
Does scripting really generate a more enlightened, more liberal architecture?
For example, does scripting engender an architecture of maximum individual freedom? Does scripting engender an open-minded architecture or a more tolerant architecture?
Or does scripting really (only) come to engender a new style of architecture?

2009.06.16 09:25
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"...but thought without real reference [to] the flow of conscioussness would be clearer."
Ah, so you'd rather it not get too complex.

2009.06.14 15:36
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Been reading The Judicious Eye: Architecture Against the Other Arts by Rykwert (2008), and, for some reason I'm not entirely sure of, it came to mind as I read the initial post here. I think it's like I see The Judicious Eye as what the above essay draft could be were it really developed (into a dense 492 page book). What the above essay is empty of (and The Judicious Eye certainly is not) is direct reference to specific buildings and designs along with the architects and artists thereof. Interestingly though, The Judicious Eye is more a complicated subject unfolded, and not so much a complexity. Treating the subject of The Judicious Eye as a complexity could be a very robust endeavor however.
Also just now in the preparatory stage of putting together a html-publication of Seroux d'Agincourt's 'Architecture' section of The History of Art Through Its Monuments From Its Decline in the Fourth Century to Its Renewal in the Sixteenth. Like with The Judicious Eye, here is a complicated subject unfolded, but I think I'm going to attempt (re)treating the subject as a complexity.
Awaiting anxiously, and lots of lists (to go through).

2009.06.12 09:50
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"Time (as we experience it) is a constant, so a architect who is conscious and sensitive to a social and political context of a space CAN use a configuration of space and form (with careful attention to temporal shifts) to create a meaningful impact on society."
Care to substantiate this?
The 'rational scientific' emergence of architecture is eagerly awaiting advances in neuroscience that will make emotion a variable in a four dimensional equation.
Care to substantiate this?




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