big pools with waterfalls

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2007.08.01 18:08
Learning from Las Vegas + SMLXL = Dubai
...you have no idea how close you are to the truth.

2007.07.31 20:28
Necessary architecture books
Yes, you're right, reading and writing go hand in hand, and that's what's very creative about writing within cyberspace, the integralness of reading and writing.
There's so much to read now and there are so many ways to write/publish now, and I've become very fond of the places where you can actually do both.
As to books, I had and still have many, and at this point I'm seriously thinking of taking a lot of them apart and then mixing and rearranging all the various pages into a series of new books. Maybe I'm foolish, but I anyhow imagine there's a great untapped realm beyond the status quo.

2007.07.31 17:55
Necessary architecture books
Not just reading other things, how about writing other things too? Architectural literature could be so much more creative.

2007.07.31 17:43
Italian movie director Michelangelo Antonioni has died
Hard to believe it's now 41 years ago. It was fun being a kid in the 60s, like I'm pretty sure my 4th grade teacher, Miss Kügler, read the fashion magazines (at least she got the hair-dos and the mini-skirt down pat). And seeing her amongst the nuns was a bit of modern cinema itself.
Yeah, rest in peace while the rest of us reenact.

2007.07.31 11:48
Italian movie director Michelangelo Antonioni has died
The last time I saw The Passenger was right after watching Last Tango in Paris (at a five hour Maria Schneider film festival back in the late 70s). It was like she walked out of one big fuck-up and then walked right into another big fuck-up. Hilarious, even without any punchlines.

2007.07.31 11:36
Learning from Las Vegas + SMLXL = Dubai
There's definitely some Delirious New York in the beginning of S,M,L,XL. Any other suggestions?

flip up

flip down
ummm, desert desserts

good to the last drop

2007.07.31 09:17
Learning from Las Vegas + SMLXL = Dubai
You do the math

modern mathematics
time to begin
into the abstract
we will go with vimm

expanding our numbers
exponents we use
we never forget
and never regret
the ABCs
of set theories

geometry’s easy
terms are a breeze
arcs and line segments
we will learn with ease

so we measure the tangent
and bisect the line
and everything is fine
when it’s mathematics time

2007.07.30 23:51
Is CAD killing this profession?
The first working drawing set I ever drew (in 1984) was ink on mylar. Ironically, and because the budget allowed it, I redrew the same set of working drawings on CAD (also in 1984). Great transition exercise. Then in 1985 (I suggested and) produced a set of CAD working drawings at 11 x 17 via electrostatic printer (precursor to laser printing). Duplicate sets were made via photocopy.
I still sometimes wonder if architects are really as modern as they think they are.

2007.07.30 22:20
Necessary architecture books
a must for all clients:
Does Your Architect Wear Boxers or Blobs?

2007.07.30 21:35
Next Architect of the Capitol NOT an Architect?!
Just change the name to Latrobe of the Capitol.
"If the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten."

2007.07.30 20:57
Next Architect of the Capitol NOT an Architect?!
[The more things change the more they become reenactment?]
On January 25, 1805, Congress appropriated $110,000 a special victory for the architect, for Thornton on New Year's Day had had a printed letter issued to all the members of Congress virulently attacking Latrobe, refuting in a somewhat casuistic way Latrobe's statement to the committee that none of Thornton's drawings could be found, and violently supporting his own plan for the south wing. This had all been fodder for Federalist criticism in general, but it had failed to affect the action of Congress.
The same winter, however, brought Latrobe a disappointment. Justice Chase of the Supreme Court was to be impeached, and because of the importance of the case the first impeachment of a high-placed government official Vice-President Burr wished the surroundings of the trial to be as dignified as possible and asked Latrobe for a plan. Having left Washington on December 13 after a short stay, the architect immediately set to work to design the fitments and rearrangements of the Senate chamber the trial would require. He sent off his drawings to Burr on the seventeenth surely not an excessive time for the job. But mail was slow and Burr impatient; before receiving the Latrobe drawings he awarded the commission to Samuel Blodgett (the Massachusetts archi- tect of the First Bank of the United States in Philadelphia), and all Latrobe's work went for nothing. Blodgett's design, Latrobe felt, was both more expensive and less convenient than his own.
Meanwhile he had taken time to search for proper stoves for the Capitol and for Monticello, to look for possible American sources for window glass, and to study new ways of making the roof of the President's House tight since it, like the roof of the north wing of the Capitol, had become a veritable sieve.

2007.07.30 19:16
Necessary architecture books
worth holding your breath for....
Towards a Squeezed-Out Architecture
Heavy Volume Everywhere
The Architect Came Twice
(in foreign tongue)
One Size Fits All

2007.07.30 10:43
Duchamp to direct THE LUCKY BUMS

"Life is tedious, whereas death, well, I never had so much fun."

Try reenactment; you'll like it!




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