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2007.03.26 11:56
...and speaking of random tangents
"The history of architecture is replete with successful projects that are the result of novelity found within false history and, more recently, outmoded science.
Historian Rudolf Wittkower, in Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism, gives as an example Andrea Palladio's historical error attributing superimposed pediments to the Pantheon giving erroneous historical legitimacy to his unsurpassed Venetian churches."
--Reiser + Umemoto, Atlas of Novel Tectonics, p. 170.
Go read pages 89 to 97 of Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism to see what examples Wittkower really gave.
Do you think Reiser + Umemoto purposefully wrote historical error within their passage about historical error in order to more strongly make the point about the modus operandi of historical error in design itself?

26 March 1726 death of Sir John Vanbrugh.

2007.03.26 13:18
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
"So what would Deleuze do?" "Well, let's reenact him and find out."

2007.03.26 13:11
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
...reenacting Piranesi's drawing of the Ichnographia Campi Martii became the most productive for me. And then by translating Piranesi's plan labels throughout the Ichnographia I learned Piranesi's process of the project. Again, a very productive reenactionary activity for me.
Of course "productive misreading" is different than lying. But in our crazy modern reality "productive misreading" and lying are sometimes the same thing.

2007.03.25 23:18
...and speaking of random tangents
bedtime reading:

and sweet dreams:

2007.03.25 23:01
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
765, I don't see how productive misinterpretation excuses ignorance. Does the War in Iraq ring any bells?
And let's be honest, most people find theory extremely boring, and did you ever notice how much a real decision actually excites people?

2007.03.25 22;29
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
I'm all for having my thinking (about architecture) change via elucidating theory.
You know what changed my thinking about Tafuri? It was the discovery that everything he writes about Piranesi's Campo Marzio is plain wrong and thus a bunch of misinterpretation.
And you know what changed my thinking about today's ongoing architectural theorists? It's their manifest ignorance via their ignoring.
Iron man as sloppy seconds.   Who knew?   I did.
And speaking of sloppy. Progetto e Utopia was first published in 1973, with the English translation Architecture and Utopia published in 1976.
Otherwise, there's a whole chapter entitled "Sketches cum Napkins", but, you know, it's really more fun for me to see just how ignorant architectural theory can actually get.

2007.03.25 17:02
...and speaking of random tangents
What did the shark say to the force-fed goose on page 197?
"I can't stand being in this book! And you, you represent what this book is all about.
What did the force-fed goose say back to the shark on page 197?
"Eat me, please!"
4-dimensional hernia architecture?!?

exchange doctor for architect and design for diagnosis
1812 January 16 Thursday
"[the Doctor] recommended topical bleeding by Leeches & abstinence for 2 or 3 days instead of Phlebotomy."
Give, so moniker mutations will live.

2007.03.25 15:02
...and speaking of random tangents

"Come on baby, do the perpetual motion with me."
1812 March 25 Wednesday
"...dined at my brother's, left town at 5 & got home at Dusk. Heard the Spring Hymn of the frogs, first time."
Cheesecake just went in the oven.

2007.03.25 13:38
...and speaking of random tangents
1812 December 30 Thursday
"SL went to Ury this evening having heard that Sally was now indisposed. I intended to have gone but received an invitation to see a self moving machine made by Lukens in imitation of Redheffer's--it was made by subscription among some opponents of Redheffer's machine expecting to prove that it would not go without the secret power which they suspect he has in some part hid."
From museum of hoaxes to a virtual museum of architecture, just always moving along...
...and will they ever raise and address the question?
"The present essay can only raise and set aside the question of Latrobe's relationship to mechanical aids in drawing, such as the camera obscura for which he thanked President Thomas Jefferson on 21 March 1807."
Ah yes, mechanically aided drawings. Does something like that actually exist?
1812 January 3 Friday
"...my people with the aid of John Hamilton were employed in killing 2 Bison this day, one weighed 710 lbs, the other 585 lbs."
I used to love whenever my grandmother called my a buffalo in German.




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