big pools with waterfalls

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2007.07.17 12:07
on aesthetics
Perhaps that's what the artist/architect does, apply form to content. Yet, in the case of Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius at least, it is the form within a context that discloses the content (if the observer is astute enough to find it)--the content is implied rather applied.

2007.07.17 11:38
on aesthetics
Of course, but more specifially signifying the union of Mars and Rhea Silvia, which issued forth twins: sacred and profane. What else would expect from the coupling of a god (of war) and a (vestal) virgin?

2007.07.17 11:14
on aesthetics
No doubt some architecture speaks for itself.:

2007.07.17 10:38
Sarcastic Architecture
Steven Izenour was born yesterday 67 years ago.

2007.07.17 10:32
on aesthetics
I like it when content takes on a form that is very easily recognized yet not very easily digested.

Yet some people might still argue that anything looks better with a frame.

Did someone mention cocktails?

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