what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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2007.03.09 18:28
...and speaking of random tangents
I went to the Historical Society of Frankford this morning--continuing research on Ury House. It was my first time there. The Keno brothers loved it, and now I do too. I'm going back tomorrow, even.
H. Jean Crawford read a paper on "Ury House" at the Historical Society of Frankford 27 November 1936. Miss Crawford lived at Ury then (and I live there now, and there's talk of another paper on "Ury House" at the Historical Society of Frankford). Crawford's paper offers some new information, particularly regarding George Washington's visit to Ury House: "There is corroboration for this tale in the "Washington Table", which the late Mr. Samuel Parrish of New York, a great grandson of Miers Fisher, has preserved as a relic of Ury House, in his Museum at Southampton Long Island."
[And speaking of relics, I saw a Thomas Fairman signature this morning (--he may have been the first English owner of what came to be called Ury), as well as the actual signatures of some New Sweden colonists. And then I held in my hand a deed signed by William Penn in 1681 when he was still in England selling portions of his newly got New World land. They all had surprisingly nice penmanship--those Baroques.]
So I google parrish museum southampton and give them a call. Unfortunately, they don't have any of Samuel Parrish's possessions in the collection any longer, but I still have to talk with someone there that might know better. I had no idea Herzog & de Meuron were working on a design for the Parrish Art Museum. The plan...

...of the new museum design reminds me of this. And the plan also reminds me of random tangents.
Do you think Herzog & de Meuron know that the first virtual museum of architecture online emanates these days from a place once owned by Samuel Parrish's great grandfather?
Bonus question: Did you know Miers Fisher Jr.'s 30 hour St. Petersburg (Russia) wife, was also eventually a passenger on the "Boatload of Knowledge", and that Robert Owen was with her when he arrived at New Harmony, Indiana, 12 January 1826?
Hélène's life was very random tangent. Ottopian, even.

2007.02.20 17:51
Expansion of Concept LOT/EK VS Andrew Maynard
So far, a virtual typology, at best.

2007.02.20 16:55
Expansion of Concept LOT/EK VS Andrew Maynard
They seem to be solutions for a fabricated problem. The projects would be great if there were thousands of nomads looking for an architectural solution to their problem. But, until those nomads do show up and indeed do have a problem that needs architectural solving, what's the point?
Also, aren't there continual "connection to utilities" issues?
Otherwise, since I personally know what it's like to have lived in the same house for 48 years, I'm more or less the exact opposite of a nomad. So...you can guess the rest.

2007.02.20 15:43
Expansion of Concept LOT/EK VS Andrew Maynard
In that case, both Maynard's and LoTek's projects have reenactionary architecturism written all over them.
Thanks Archigram.

2007.02.19 21:04
what is today's movement?
"In the future, everyone will be a starchitect for fifteen minutes."


2007.02.19 19:32
what is today's movement?
Ah, doughnuts. Alas, even this thread is becoming a reenactment of a thread exactly one year ago:

2007.02.19 19:19
what is today's movement?
I better hurry up and finish...

2007.02.19 16:57
what is today's movement?
Client: "Can you design for me a confused architecture?"
Architect: "I can try."
1. to perplex or bewilder
2. to make unclear or indistinct
3. to fail to distinguish between; associate by mistake; confound: to confuse dates
4. to disconcert or abash
5. to combine without order; jumble; disorder
6. Archaic. to bring to ruin or naught.




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